How to charge RV Battery from vehicle
How to charge RV Battery from vehicle

How To Charge RV Battery From Vehicle While Driving

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RV batteries are an important part of RV because you will not be able to use an RV for the vehicle. What if your RV battery drains out in the middle of the road trip? If you at any point end up staying with a dead RV battery while you are out camping or traveling long distances, at that point, you might have a bad memory as you are stuck nowhere. Such sort of bother is genuine pain, and you will certainly feel disappointed about it. However, don’t let that ruin your camping or outdoor experience.

If you are here, that means you want to know the answer to your question of how to charge an RV battery from a vehicle. This article has listed a step-by-step guide to help you charge your RV battery from your vehicle.

Note that there are different strategies for charging the RV battery while driving. Also, however, you could look online for a different approach. We can’t ensure their prosperity. In any case, we can guarantee you that the procedure in this article functions and works quickly and proficiently.

So let’s get started!

What is an RV battery?

RV batteries are most regularly 12-volt profound cycle batteries. To put it in simple words, they are intended to last over an all-inclusive period. What’s more, not normal for the regular starter (vehicle) batteries; you utilize around 75% of their force.

All that utilizes electric force in your RV drain the battery. These batteries are excellent; they will serve you for longer than ten years whenever looked after appropriately. What do we mean by legitimate support? First off, research the brand and the sort of battery you have.

Even though they all element a 12-volt framework, their abilities differ—likewise, the re-energized timing changes. Fundamentally, you let the battery re-energize to its fullest. Try not to get anxious because you could harm the battery and influence its toughness. Besides, on the off chance that you’re not utilizing it, unplug the ground wire.

Furthermore, paying little heed to the brand, we recommend you never let your battery beneath half. Additionally, consistently charge it to 100%. Why? Energizing it to 100% influences its solidness on a drawn-out level. Besides, a wholly energized battery will have marginally more voltage. The voltage level is one method of deciding the battery status.

If it feels as though the apparatus in your RV isn’t working to its fullest, it could imply that your battery is running out of force. Nonetheless, there are more accessible methods of deciding battery status. For example, a computerized voltmeter will disclose to you the number of volts in the battery. Additionally, you could buy a battery checking pack, which will give you a ton of data regarding battery status.

Steps by Step Guide On How To Charge RV Battery While Driving

Here is a short list of things you need to acquire to make the charging while driving imaginable:

  1. Plugs (ideally Anderson)
  2. Top-notch links (with high amperage limit)
  3. Voltage Controlled Relay

Stage One

You’ll have to get a gadget called Voltage Controlled Relay. It’s similar to a programmed on/off switcher. It goes about as a controller and scaffold among starter and helper batteries. Thus, if the RV is off, the gadget will remain off two and disentangle the starter battery from the assistant battery.

Also, when you start the RV (that is, the truck), the voltage-controlled hand-off will connect the starter with the battery. The best part about the voltage-controlled hand-off is that it resets the voltage levels after use. It likewise works consequently along these lines saving energy when the truck is off.

Stage Two

Initially, you’ll need to get great cables. We likewise propose you use Anderson plugs since they lose the least voltage while moving the energy. Ensure you can connect the cables to the tow bar.

If things get warmed up, don’t stress. Most batteries have an underlying enemy of peril frameworks. For the most part, if the association is over 50 amperes, the circuit security framework will stop everything to forestall the risk. Additionally, the Anderson plugs are great transporters. In addition to the fact that they are productive, they can convey a huge measure of amperes during the transmitting process.

Boost Stage ( or Bulk)

Mass is the quickest period of battery charging. It is a stage where the battery utilizes practically all ampersand volts discharged by the charger. The stage is usually initiated when the battery is entirely or almost unfilled.

Float Stage

At the point when your battery is roughly 95% full, it enters the float stage. The charge is as yet dynamic, and the voltage will stay at about 13.4 volts. In skim express, the current keeps on streaming into the battery. However, the battery ingests just a negligible portion of that current.

Alternate Steps to Charge RV Battery From Vehicle

  • Before making any endeavors to charge your RV battery from the vehicle, you should first check the battery connections. There may be some free connections. This can cause your battery to appear to be dead when it is charged completely.
  • For the following stages, ensure that you leave your vehicle close to your sporting vehicle. Leave your vehicle running.
  • For your sporting vehicle, turn off the entirety of its frills like the electronic gadgets and lights. Watch that all have been turned off before beginning the way toward charging the RV battery.
  • Open your vehicle’s hood and afterward remove the vehicle battery’s covers.
  • Likewise, eliminate the RV battery’s covers.
  • Get the red brace of the jumper cables and afterward connect it to the RV battery’s positive shaft. You will realize which side of the shaft is positive if you see the + sign on it.
  • Get the other red clip of the jumper cables and afterward join it to the vehicle battery’s positive shaft.
  • At the point when those are associated, get the dark clasp of the jumper cables and afterward join it to the vehicle battery’s negative shaft. Get the other dark clamp and afterward append it to the RV’s battery. In doing this interaction, get your face far from the RV’s battery because interfacing with the clamp may cause a few sparkles.
  • Allow your vehicle to run until such time that your RV battery is charged.
  • In eliminating the clips, make the accompanying advances. Remove the dark clamp from the RV battery. From that point forward, do likewise with the clamp that is appended to your vehicle battery. With the red clips, do the cycle in that equivalent request with the RV battery previously followed by your vehicle battery.
  • You would now be able to return the covers on the RV battery and vehicle battery.
  • Presently, you have a charged RV battery.

Tips ​For Taking Care Of Your RV Battery

To guarantee that you are not continually having issues with a dead RV battery, ensure that you check it routinely and make a point not to delete it. Here are a few hints for the standard upkeep of the battery of your sporting vehicle.

  • See to it that the links of your RV battery are flawless. Check that the connectors are tight. When utilizing devices, ensure that they are protected so you will forestall shorting the terminals of the RV battery. It is suggested that you investigate the battery routinely.
  • Keep your RV battery spotless and earth-free. Additionally, check if there is any erosion.
  • The water you should use to recharge the RV battery ought to be refined and not simply faucet water. This is to keep away from any pollution that may happen since faucet water has minerals and different toxins.
  • When charging the RV battery, the battery charger should be coordinated and charged for eight hours. On the off chance that you utilize unparalleled or faulty battery chargers, this can prompt harm or diminished battery execution.
  • When you charge your RV battery, watch that the temperature doesn’t surpass 120°F.
  • Whenever important, water the RV battery after you charge it. Do this aside from when the plates have been uncovered before you charged it. If the plates have been uncovered, you should cover them with corrosive for about ⅛ inch.
  • As your RV battery gets more seasoned, more customary support is required. This may mean charging it for a more drawn-out time frame and watering it all the more frequently. Additionally, expect that its ability will diminish too.

How Long Should I Charge My RV Batteries?

Indeed, it relies upon a few things. Initially, there is the battery charger size/limit. The charger is the one that exchanges the energy from the attachment to the battery connector. On the off chance that it is quality made, has excellent protection, and a proficient force moving framework, charging will take less time.

Moreover, the battery’s status influences charging speed. Usually, it will take more effort to charge from 20%-80% than from 30%-80%. The battery’s ability likewise assumes a part in this. Also, we aren’t simply discussing the general limit, yet amper each hour’s ability.

For instance, a few batteries can store 2000 amperes each hour, others 3000—usually, the more enormous the edge, the quicker the charging. Oh, the charger’s current likewise assume a part in this: the number of amperes it moves and how productive the exchange interaction is.

Does Tow Vehicle Charge RV Battery?

Contingent upon the battery, a full 100% charge can require 14.8V. Your tow vehicle alternator doesn’t do this as it was not intended to charge profound cycle batteries. It presumably just puts out 13.8V to 14V, and afterward, there is voltage drop along commonly under-sized wires. Likewise, deep cycle batteries need a particular charging conduct, so hunt on a “three phase charger for lead corrosive batteries.” “Charging” from a TV alternator basically by interfacing a modest wire will thus take perpetually, and, best case scenario, get you to possibly 80% limit. Be that as it may, you need to release down to half, so this is a significant deficiency.


These are the means of ​ways to charge your RV battery from the vehicle. Ideally, the tips on the most proficient method to deal with your battery can help keep going long. The way into a more extended battery life is regular examination and support. Be sure not to disregard it, or you should change batteries regularly, which can be costly. Charging an RV battery from the vehicle is possible. However, it requires appropriate apparatuses and information. We trust you will put this data to utilize and that you will profit from it every way under the sun. If you have any other approach to charging RV batteries from the vehicle, let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to hear from you!

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