Best RV Tires
Best RV Tires

5 Best RV Tires

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Nothing can be better than going on an adventure ride. You feel relieved as you can stop and camp anywhere you like. Well, you can’t take a comfortable ride on your RV without best quality tires, because you can’t run a vehicle smoothly if the tires aren’t of good quality. Having good ply tires can reduce the stress of replacing them while you enjoy your trip. 

We did our research to help you find the best RV tires that you need for your trip. Our list is based on research and reviews of users.

Best Choice


Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire

Premium Choice


Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Set of 4 Tires

Best in Budget


Traneagle ST Radial Trailer Tire Steel Belted

Top 5 RV Tires

We have figured out some of the best tires that won’t get damaged easily; rather, they have good durability.

1. Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Set of 4 Tires


  • Specially designed for trailers and RVs
  • Longer Tread Life
  • Durability
  • Large rim width


  • Not suitable for trucks and large vehicles.

We have brought to you one of the best radial tires. Transeagle ST Radial tires have a rim width of about 6.5 inches. Driving is tough and requires patience in seasonal changes. So, this tire is a perfect choice for all the drivers who work through all the seasons. These are durable and will support you in all seasons to help you enjoy the ride. 

Transeagle tires are designed with the symmetric tread design that maintains the contact between the road and the vehicle, which also helps boosts the steering sensitivity and driving stability.

These tires can resolve your issues regarding different roads. Now you no longer have to worry about your tires while going on a highway, as this amazing set of tires is a perfect choice for a highway drive. Now you can enjoy a stress-free ride while you work with the excellent performance of these tires on highways.

These tires are specially made for trailers moving on highway roads. So now all RV owners can invest in these tires if they want to improve their work productivity in less time. 

This set of tires has load range G, which makes it even better for the trailer. Now the trailer can move through all the rough roads and can even move through mountainous regions. Such trailers can withstand pressure and load more than ordinary tires. So don’t waste any time and buy our amazing tires.


  • Handling: The symmetric tread design of the tires maintains the contact between the road and the vehicle, which also helps boosts the steering sensitivity and driving stability.
  • Perfect for Every Road Type: These tires are perfect for every road. You can enjoy a stress-free ride while you work as these tires show excellent performance.
  • Durability: These tires are manufactured from nylon and ply, which helps the tires withstand heavy weights without being deformed. 
  • Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 8 inches

These ST radial tires are one of the best tires in the collection. They are best for rough roads and give you a smooth ride on the highway. These tires are durable and can withstand changes in the surrounding weather and yet provide a smooth ride to the drivers of heavy vehicles.

2. Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire


  • Greater heat resistance 
  • Universal fit
  • Increased durability
  • Variable pitch pattern
  • Improved tread wear
  • Exclusive tread shape and pattern
  • Wear resistance


  • Wear off quickly and choppy.

This amazing radial tire is designed with improved tread wear. Now you can save your money because you don’t have to buy tires for your RV again and again, once you’ve got them. These tires are long-lasting and support you on your journeys. 

Now your working hours won’t be extended due to repeatedly changing of tires on the go, and you may reach your destination on time to deliver your work.

The continuous work on a vehicle may heat the tires. The rough roads tend to wear off the tires and so require it’s changing. Heated tires are easier to wear, but we present you with the new and improved tires with better heat resistance and prevent your tires from getting more damage and hence save you more money.

The trailer drivers work for long carrying heavy materials, and so need a durable tire. These tires come with better and increased durability, which will become your companion for your long journeys without causing much hassle. 

These amazing tires come without rims but are excellent and universal fit. You can adjust these tires perfectly anywhere with ease. These tires are reliable, and investing in these tires could save your time and energy. They could also enhance your working capability and improve your working image. So this way you can convince many customers. 


  • Variable Pitch Pattern: These tires are designed with variable pitch patterns that create a low pitch sound while running on the road and reduce road noise. 
  • Universal Fit: These amazing tires come without rims but are excellent and universal fit. You can adjust these tires perfectly anywhere with ease.
  • Heat & Wear Resistant: With better heat and wear-resistant tread compound, these tires are safe from getting more damage and hence save you more money.
  • Dimensions: 28.3 x 28.3 x 9 inches

Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire is the highest-rated product in our collection due to its durability and capability of saving money. It saves your time and energy and helps to grow your work. The new heat-resistant tires can help protect the wearing off of the tires.

3. Transeagle ST Radial Trailer Tire Steel Belted


  • Designed for trailers and RVs
  • All-season tires
  • Highway terrain 
  • Longer tread life
  • Increased durability


  • Not suitable for trucks and large vehicles.

This amazing tire is used in trailers to carry heavy loads. This tire can handle a maximum of 1285kg of single load at a pressure of about 550kPa. Moreover, it can also withstand a dual load of 1120kg at about 550kPa. This weight carrying capacity makes these tires the best choice for you.

It is an all-season working tire. Changing weather conditions make it difficult for the drivers to use a tire throughout the journey. But the ability of this tire to be used in all seasons adds up to its durability. Now you no longer have to worry at the beginning of a new season since you can work with the same tire.

The efficacy of the work increases furthermore due to the ability of this tire to perform better on the highway. Now the trailer drivers can carry loads and travel on the highway with ease. This tire ensures better work delivery and helps the driver to work within the time limitations. 

This tire is perfect for trailer vehicles and so works great having load range E. It can work amazing and can handle a good amount of pressure. So without wasting any further time, invest in this amazing tire for your trailers.


  • Max. Load and Pressure: Transeagle tires can handle a maximum of 1285 kilograms of single load at a pressure of about 550kPa and 1120kgs at 550kPa. 
  • Handling: The ribbed pattern of the tires maintains the contact between the road and the vehicle, which also helps boosts the steering sensitivity and driving stability.
  • Durability: These tires are designed with a secure steel belt that helps the tires withstand heavy weights and enhance driving durability without being deformed.
  •  Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 8 inches

This amazing tire is recommended due to its ability to endure enough load and pressure and withstand varying weather conditions.

4. Libra Trailer ST205/75R15 Heavy Steel Radial Tires


  • Durable
  • Specially designed for RV
  • Safe design
  • Premium 10 ply tires
  • Scuff guard


  • Thin sidewalls

We know that the tires market has several brands, and it is a fuss to reach good tires providing brands. Libra presents you with one of the best quality tires with a good budget. These tires have multiple features that give dominance over others.

This tire can solve most of your concerns associated with traveling. It has belonged to load range E, meaning that it has 10 ply tires that can handle almost 24000lbs of weight. So, if you make an aggregate of 4 tires, we believe that you would be stress-free. 

Moreover, you would have probably heard about nylon. It is one of the best polymer materials when it comes to durability and extension. It has a full nylon cap making it ideal for long traveling where it can maintain relative durability. 

Most of the tires get damaged or burst because of the less safe design. Most of the time, the sides of tires come in contact with hard rock and get damaged. So to prevent that, a scuff guard in the form of a ring on the side of the tires is placed for enhanced protection. 

These tires come in a pack of 5. four of these are for the trailer, while the extra tire is a spare one. Unfortunately, you have to get the rims by yourself, but these tires are the best ones at such a low cost. 

In low-quality tires, the tread gets separated. However, this is not the case here, as the full ply capacity prevents tread separation. So this ensures the safety of users as well as maintains the reliability of tires.


  • Load Range E: It belongs to load range E, meaning that it has 10 ply tires that can handle almost 24000lbs.
  • Durable: It has a full nylon cap, one of the best polymer materials for durability, making it ideal for long traveling where it can maintain relative durability. 
  • Safe Design: In order to prevent any damage, a scuff guard in the form of a ring on the side of the tires is placed for enhanced protection.
  • Pack of 5: These tires come in a pack of 5; 4 tires are for the RV, while the extra tire is a spare one. 
  • Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 27 inches

To sum up, we recommend you get these Load range E tires as they are super safe to use and the load-bearing capacity is maximum. The nylon cap and scuff guard make the tire highly reliable and safe to use.

5. Grand Ride FREE COUNTRY Load Range D Trailer Tires


  • Scuff-based guarding
  • 8 ply configuration
  • Load range D class
  • Durable
  • Nylon covering
  • Designed for trailers & RVs
  • Cost-effective


  • ‘Tires are load range C instead of D’ reported by some customers.

The number of tires and the providers are many in the market. However, we always wish to get the best ones at the best price. These tires are the ones that you have been waiting for. These have all in one characteristic.

First of all, let’s have a look at its tread quality. All of the treads are covered with nylon to prevent the distancing of the treads because once the treads are displaced from their position, the tire cannot function properly. This imbalance the dynamics of the tire while traveling.

Similarly, if you are concerned about the side protection of the tire, then be at ease. The reason is the scuff-based guarding of tires. It’s ring-based protection on the sides of tires to prevent any kind of damage to tires.

These tires belong to the Load Range D class with an 8 ply configuration. This ply configuration is best for medium-range traveling, and on an average basis, it is highly recommended. 

The rim size of the tire is 14 inches, and the width of the rim is 5.5 inches making it ideal to use in the case of a trailer. Its overall size dimension is 205/75R14 8PR. So what are you waiting for? It is going to be out of stock soon, you know.

This tire belongs to the class of premium quality tires for RV. Your trip needs to be safer, and to assure that; we highly recommend you use these tires for your trailer. These are less costly and more durable in the application.


  • Nylon Covering: All of the treads are covered with nylon to prevent the distancing of the treads, to help the tires function properly.
  • Scuff Guard: A ring-based protection on the sides of tires is used to prevent any damage to tires.
  • Load Range D Class: These tires belong to the Load Range D class with 8 ply configuration, which is best for medium-range traveling.
  • Dimensions:  25 x 15 x 25 inches

In the end, I would recommend you to get these 8 ply tires today as they have a speed rating of 75mp/h, which is best suited for traveling in an RV. These nylon-protected safe tires come in a pack of two and are cost-effective.

Things To Consider When Buying RV Tires

Be Specific to RV Tires

Vehicles like trailers are similar to RV’s. They are huge and need a good grip of tires to move around on the road. There’s a slight difference between tires that are used for commercial trailers and those for RV tires. 

Commercial trailer tires are not suitable for motor homes as they lose grip on the road and lead to accidents. You should be very careful while investing your money. 

You should be very specific in buying tires for RV tires. If you want proper control over your RV’s on the road and your safety is your priority, keep in mind to buy tires that are specially designed to be used for RV’s and do not risk your and your family’s lives. 

Type of Tires

Before buying a tire, you should always consider the weight of the vehicle. Every vehicle is of different weight. Some tires are specially designed to meet the demand of varying weight ranges. 

Light truck tires, Bias tires, or Radial tires are used for RV’s that ensure handling of certain weights and allow a smooth ride for those who plan to take longer trips. These tires are more durable and give you a safe company. 

Now you no longer have to worry about tire wearing out or changing it while going on long routes. Now you can enjoy long route journeys on adventurous rough roads. 

Every different type of tire is suitable for a certain road trip. As bias tires are perfect for shorter trips and on rough roads, radial tires would be the perfect choice for you if you go on long routes, so choose accordingly.

Traction of Tire

The pattern of tread determines the traction. You might use your RV’s in mountainous areas, where the roads are rough and sharp. There might be curvy roads all along. You need to look for a tire that does not ditch you on such a rough journey. 

You might as well face any weather changes. Such sudden changes might affect the grip of your RV’s on the roads. The muddy roads can even get eroded. You have to look for a tire that you can use for your entire journey, and you do not have to worry about changing it in the middle of the road. 

You must invest in a tire that is good to go in all seasons. It should work well in winters while you struggle to get through the ice and even in summers when the scorching heat tries to damage the tires.


You should always consider the cost before you buy any tire. It is not predetermined that cheap tires would be of bad quality and expensive ones would be of good quality. However, it is not even vice versa. Before you buy a tire, consider the price difference between different tires and then compare their quality. 

You need not pay more to get a good quality of tires. Invest more time and then find a cost-efficient and better quality tire that stays with you for a longer time. You should not compromise on quality over money.

There are many tires in the market with different price ranges. It is difficult to decide among them. Comparing all the prices is the best way to lead you to the most suitable price for your budget. So invest a little more of your time and compare different tires.


You should never blindly trust the sellers. It is important to know the ratings by the manufacturers given to tires. Every tire is individually rated. Its rating can be found on the sidewalls, which will make it easy for you to choose between the tires you want. 

There are various tires, and you might not know which one of them is the best. So choose according to your need and the ratings. To choose properly, you should always check the weight the tire is going to carry. 

If weight is not considered, you might end up wasting the money you spent on buying a tire. Why waste money? Why not properly check everything before buying to make sure you drive safely.


How many miles are RV tires good for?

The miles that RV tires can cover depends upon the length of the trip and how frequently you use your tires. A good quality RV tire can go about 80,000 to 120,000 miles per tire on an average basis. Based on this figure, if you travel once a year for a long trip, it doesn’t matter how many miles you go as you can use these tires over a decade.

On the other hand, if you have to move your trailer regularly, they start to wear off as soon as these tires reach their limit. So it is better to get tires of premium quality to ensure that they could work over their defined limit. 

What is a Class C tire?

If you are a lover of traveling over your motorhome, we are sure that you would have heard about classes of tires. They have standard features depending upon the class they belong to. In the case of Class C, it can bear almost 10000 to 12,000 pounds of weight.

These Class C tires are best suitable for motorhome weight and can work efficiently during long traveling. Other tires have better capabilities and belong to other classes. It depends upon the weight of the trailer and the destination. 

On average, class C tires are mostly recommended because of their reliability and premium quality manufacturing.

How do I keep my RV tires from dry rotting?

Dry rotting is the appearance of unusual cracks in the tiers. Which often leads to continuous puncture of tires or their permanent dysfunction. To prevent it, you can use a UV protectant to protect tires from degradation due to UV rays exposure. 

Another method of protecting your tires is to avoid parking during the day. An RV is not used on daily routine work. So it is better to park them in the back garage where there is no sunlight to degrade the tires.

You don’t need to do any other experiment on tires that could further deteriorate their condition. Rather you should use simple protectants to prevent degradation. Most of the researchers favor using protectants as they are effective and don’t provide any harm to a tire’s life.

How often should RV trailer tires need to be removed?

The removal of RV trailer tires depends upon several factors. It depends upon the distance you have covered over the tires. It also depends upon the class of tire you bought in the first place. The dry rotting f tires also play a role in their removal.

On an average basis, it is recommended that you should replace tires after three years. Experts claim that a typical life of a tire is three to five years, and if you are using them frequently, then it is better to remove them after three years. 

However, if you have covered less distance on your tires, then they would seem less rotted, which will extend their usage. In the case of rotted tires, you have to replace them even if you bought them one year ago. 

Do RV’s need special tires?

Yes, all RV’s need special kinds of tires depending upon some factors. First of all, all RVs are different from each other depending upon their size and weight. This varies across all models, and the same is the case with tires.

All RV tires are different from the other ones. The different classes of tires are meant to be for different kinds of RV’s. Some RVs have more weight, so a class that could bear more weight should be used and vice versa.

The quality of the tire for the RV is different from the sedan. The sedan is not used for camping and in mountainous areas. However, RV’s are frequently used for such areas, so they are made up of durable material protected from all sides. 


Tires are an important part of the vehicle. You cannot run a vehicle smoothly if the tire is not of good quality. A bad quality tire may cause you trouble on the go. If you want to avoid such troubles, choose your tire wisely.

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