Best RV Refrigerators
Best RV Refrigerators

5 Best RV Refrigerators

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Traveling in an RV can never be more exciting when you have all the important accessories with you. Heaters in an RV help maintain the temperature, and refrigerators keep multiple products cold and preserved. 

For an RV, you need a small and efficient refrigerator that would consume less power. Our objective is to relieve you from the stress of finding the best RV refrigerator and provide you with a list of the best ones.

Best Choice


E EUHOMY Outdoor Camping RV Refrigerator

Premium Choice


ICECO JP30 Compact Portable Freezer

Best in Budget


Antarctic Star Small Stainless Steel Camper Refrigerator

Top 5 RV Refrigerators

When we call a refrigerator the best one, it needs to have some of the best features. The list we have provided is based on extensive research and reviews, so you don’t have to worry about engaging yourself in figuring it out for yourself.

1. ICECO JP30 Compact Portable Freezer


  • Ingenious Design 
  • Waterproof Panel
  • Large Capacity
  • Dual Zone Storage
  • Movable Anti-rust Basket
  • Removable Elastic Handle
  • 40° Operation


  • The thermostat doesn’t work well.

Going for a long trip means that you will take multiple food items with you during travel. For this purpose, the major issue is to keep the food preserved for some time. So this refrigerator comes in handy there. 

If it’s the cost you consider as your priority, you are in the right place. This refrigerator provides the minimum operational cost of the refrigerator. The compressor working is automated to save as much energy as possible.

The compressor works to reach the required temperature, and after that, it turns off. As soon as the temperature falls again, the compressor starts working. You can adjust the temperature between -22ᵒ to 10ᵒ. 

There is no difficulty in using this best refrigerator as the control panel is quite easy. There are simple buttons like power and temperature control. The LED light indicates when the temperature is low. 

When we move towards the design of this classy refrigerator, it is also surprising as it covers less space due to it is compact size. At a time, you can store almost 44 Coca-Cola cans. So you can store multiple items in it.

The eco mode allows you to cool down items more rapidly as the compressor speeds are slowed down. Some additional items come in it is packing, like extended DC cable. 


  • Dual Zone Storage: Individual food corners for different food types.
  • Waterproof Panel: The control panel is quite easy. There are simple buttons like power and temperature control. The LED light indicates when the temperature is low. 
  • Large Capacity: It can hold up to 31L of water. 
  • Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 13.8 inches


To sum up, JP30 has multiple features that separate it from the other ones of its kind. In our list, it is the best one overall as it has a compact design and can hold multiple items within itself. It is also cost-effective, and efficiency is off the charts. 

2. E EUHOMY Outdoor Camping RV Refrigerator


  • Powerful compressor
  • Silent running
  • Large capacity
  • Low energy consumption 
  • LED inner light


  • Not suitable for small RVs.

Travelling requires multiple accessories; among them is a good refrigerator that holds prime importance. This one would solve your biggest problem of accommodating multiple items simultaneously as its capacity is good enough.

It has a dual-storage mechanism in which you can store some items in a 45L storage box and the remaining in a 10L box. You can simply separate items from letting them mingling with each other. 

Most people usually complain about shot circuiting of RV battery when connected to a refrigerator. Euhomy has solved this problem owing to the smart battery protection system. It comes with three protection modes.

It’s a 12V fridge that runs by your RV battery and shouldn’t be allowed to be short-circuited. It comes with a 120/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters that increase the connectivity and working. 

The design of a refrigerator matters the most when it comes to accommodation in an RV. It has a smooth surface material, and the lower base of the refrigerator is a non-slip material. The reason is that in a mountainous area at slopes, the refrigerator might slip. So much material helps while moving in an RV

You might not have seen such a smart refrigerator that has a touch-based control panel. There are no buttons, and you can connect the refrigerator through Bluetooth. With this amazing feature, now you can control a refrigerator through a smartphone app. 

The working sound of this refrigerator is only 40db which is close to no sound, and the efficiency of this refrigerator is maximum. It is a certified energy-saving device and cools items at a fast pace.


  • Dual-Storage Mechanism: With a dual storage mechanism now, you can divide items into 45L and 10L storage boxes according to their sizes.
  • Silent Running: The working sound of this refrigerator is only 40db which is close to no sound, and the efficiency of this refrigerator is maximum.
  • Touch-Based Control Panel: With this amazing feature now, you can control a refrigerator through a smartphone app. 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 27.17 x 13.58 x 20.63 inches


Finally, this device is the most highly rated on our list. The reason is the dual space design with minimum energy consumption. It saves both money and time owing to its higher efficiency. The connectivity through smartphones makes it one of the highest-rated refrigerators

3. Antarctic Star Small Stainless Steel Camper Refrigerator


  • Silent running
  • Large storage capacity
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Compact


  • Temperature control is not good enough.

Most of you would have seen mini-refrigerators for RV. They are usually flatbed and have average accommodation, but would you prefer a refrigerator that is similar to a major one in shape and has separate cooling and freezing compartments? 

This one here has the most attractive colors and a flashy appearance. It is similar to a household refrigerator in shape and design but is only a mini form. You can store vegetables, meat, eggs, and other items in this fridge as well. 

There is no such thing that this fridge cannot do. It has an adjustable temperature knob that can minimize and maximize the temperature depending upon the requirement. The temperature in the freezing compartment is from 32′ to 50′ F, while in the freezing compartment is 3′ to -1′ F.

It has a dual design storage mechanism, and along with a door, you can store multiple items as well. There is no limit to its space, and it’s best for offices, kitchens, or a moving RV during camping. 

We all know that we are concerned about cost-saving and how much energy a device consumes. This one is highly energy conserving and automatically maintains the temperature while the compressor is turned off. 

Once the refrigerator is cooled, the compressor turns off, and the cool air is circulated to consume as low energy as possible. The operating noise is so low that you won’t even hear a little sound. 

You can create a separate place for vegetables and other food. You can easily adjust it in your RV. Its weight is although more, but you can place almost every item.


  • Dual Storage Mechanism: It has a dual-storage mechanism, and along with a door, you can store multiple items as well.
  • Adjustable Temperature: You can adjust its temperature by a knob depending upon the requirement. The temperature in the freezing compartment varies from 32′ to 50′ F, 3′ to -1′ F.
  • Low energy consumption: This unit conserves energy and automatically maintains the temperature while the compressor is turned off.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):  19.1 x 20 x 33.5 inches


If you are looking for a less costly product and hope to get the best out of it, we recommend this refrigerator. It has easy control and a suitable space to adjust all items while traveling. This environmentally friendly refrigerator is less power-consuming.

4. KUPPET Compact Office Stainless Steel Refrigerator


  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent running
  • Ultra power cooling technology
  • Sleek design
  • Precise thermostat


  • Noisy

A good refrigerator can become a handsome partner while traveling in an RV. Even if you are traveling anywhere, you always need a refrigerator as a source of keeping things chilled. Camping with self-made food is the desire of every traveler.

This sleek, designed refrigerator is what you have been looking for for so long. Its design is different from new ones as it is similar to a household refrigerator. It is made up of stainless steel so that while moving in an RV, it could bear the external impact.

Moreover, it has a dual compartment mechanism which includes the refrigerator and the freezing part. It has complete reversible doors s, and you just need to fit it in your RV once, and it won’t be moved easily.

Most of the household refrigerators based on a similar design produce a lot of noise while working. However, this one has no such sound; rather, it has a quiet mode as well. So even if you are sleeping, you wouldn’t be disturbed

Temperature control is a must condition in mini-refrigerators. The reason is that you can be in any area where excessive cooling is required and sometimes in an area where low cooling is required. So this one has an adjustable temperature feature as well.

The refrigerator technology is based on consuming less energy. Also, its effect on the RV battery would be small. There would be fewer chances of short circuits as well. 


  • Silent Running: The working sound of this refrigerator is only 40db which is close to little or no sound, keeping the maximum efficiency of the unit.
  • Sleek Design: Its design is different from new ones as it has a unique and compact design that fits any household.
  • Precise Temperature Control: With this amazing feature, now you can keep your ingredients fresh in any weather. 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.1 x 20.1 x 33.5 inches


In the end, we highly recommend you to get this refrigerator as our research and reviews have made us reach this conclusion. The sleek design with max accommodation of items makes it the best in the market.

5. BougeRV Quart Compressor Truck Portable Refrigerator


  • Portable
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low energy consumption
  • Shock protection
  • Silent running
  • ECO mode


  • The thermostat doesn’t work well.

Well, most of the customers usually complain about one or two things. One is the slow cooling of refrigerators; the second is the less space in the compartment, and the third is the expensive bills that are the product of refrigerators.

As far as space is concerned, this one is designed in a way to cover as low space in your RV as possible. The inside of this refrigerator can store vegetables, fruits, meat, and all other beverages for your tour.

When we look at the cost-saving features, you would be amazed to know that this refrigerator operates lower than 45W power due to its eco-technology. It consumes less energy than average-sized bulbs.

There is a control panel at the top of it that is touch-based. You can control the refrigerator from there. It includes the power button and temperature adjustment, represented in digits about what temperature the refrigerator is currently cooling at.

This fridge requires a 12/24V supply of current which can be easily obtained from your RV’s battery. If you are concerned about the noise that is produced by the refrigerator, then rest at ease as it operates at 4db noise only.

A 3-level voltage monitor is used to prevent the refrigerator from consuming all of the battery power. Through this, you can set a limit at which the battery would turn off after consuming the specified limit power of the battery. 


  • 3 Level Voltage Monitor: You can set a limit with this monitor, at which the battery would turn off after consuming the specified limit power of the battery. 
  • ECO Mode Technology: This unit operates lower than 45W power owing to its eco-technology. It consumes less energy than average-sized bulbs.
  • Silent Running: The working sound of this refrigerator is only 45db which is close to little or no sound, keeping the maximum efficiency of the unit.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.68 x 12.6 x 15.5 inches


To sum up, this refrigerator has suitable space and size to adjust in the RV. It consumes power lower than 45w, and noise produced is lower than 45db. So what can you expect more from such a cost-effective refrigerator?

Things To Consider When Buying A Refrigerator For Your RV

There are a lot of aspects to consider when you are buying an RV refrigerator. Unlike your home refrigerator, your options are quite limited with an RV fridge in terms of power capacity and size. Therefore, we have narrowed down all the things you need to keep in mind while purchasing an RV refrigerator.

Size & Storage Capacity 

First thing first, you need to be very clear about the size and layout of your RV. You will not want your money to go down the drain if your newly bought refrigerator does not fit in your RV. Therefore, measure your RV beforehand to avoid such mishaps.

Second, comes the storage capacity. There are many RV refrigerators in the market that have the same measurements but different storage capacities. So before you make a purchase, make sure you are getting the RC refrigerator with the maximum storage space.

Type of RV Refrigerator

You will find several types of RV refrigerators in the market distinguished based on their power supply. Electrical refrigerators are powered by AC to DC power supply and rely heavily on your RV’s battery bank.

On the other hand, there are propane refrigerators that are a relatively affordable option. But you always have to be on guard with the gas supply because if you run out of it, there won’t find any backup source.

Then there are two-way and three-way refrigerators that are powered by either propane gas or 110V AC supply. However, three-way refrigerators can also run on a 12V DC power supply from RV’s battery or solar power.

If you have a smaller RV or a camper van, cool, thermoelectric boxes would be the ideal option for you. These refrigerators are compact and cheap but do not have a freezer compartment. Plus, they work fine in normal temperatures but might disappoint you on hot summer days.


Now that you know all the power supply sources, you can choose the refrigerators with the power sources easily accessible in your RV. If you choose a DC supply refrigerator, you will need to have a DC power source in your RV.

The best option is to go for two-way or three-way refrigerators that run on either propane gas or electricity. It will give you more flexibility in terms of usage. For example, if you run out of propane gas, you will always have the option of electric supply. Plus, you can conserve energy as it runs on propane gas.


RV refrigerators do not come cheap; therefore, you have to keep your budget in check while purchasing one. Although you can find some inexpensive units, they might not work well in the long term.

Since refrigerators are not among the things you buy frequently, it is better to put the money into them as you use them every day for years. So we would suggest that you make up your mind on how much you are willing to spend and then find a unit that offers optimal durability and functionality in the long run.

Features and Durability

While you are spending your money, make it count by choosing an RV refrigerator that comes with extra features, such as adjustable shelves, removable door bins, icebox, lightning, etc.

Another important thing to consider while buying an RV refrigerator is its durability, which greatly depends on its materials. So if you want a stainless steel refrigerator, make sure it is of the best quality.

That being said, do not forget to read the manufacturer’s guide to see whether the appliance you are getting is designed to handle all the bumps, vibrations, and movement you will experience on the road.


Still, got more questions? Here, we have answered all the frequently asked questions regarding installing, maintaining, and cleaning the RV refrigerators!

Can I use a regular fridge in my RV?

Our answer would be no because regular refrigerators need a 120V AC power supply which will be costly to install in the RV. Plus, home refrigerators are not manufactured to be sturdy enough to withstand all the bouncing movement of the road. 

Hence, refrigerators that are specifically designed for RVs would be your best bet because they will give the value of your money in the long run.

How much electricity will my RV refrigerator consume?

Typically small-sized RV refrigerators take up 4-5KWH in a day, whereas the larger units can consume something between 10-20KWH. But if you go for two or three-way refrigerators, you can save ample energy while working on propane gas. Plus, it will keep your perishable good cool even when your RV’s engine is turned off.

How do I replace my RV refrigerator?

Replacing the RV refrigerator is not complex but requires proper care and following steps in a specific order. First of all, you will need to switch off the power and propane supply and ensure that your RV’s engine is turned off. Then carefully disconnect the power lines and propane pipes that are usually located at the back of the fridge.

Make sure you disconnect the power sources without damaging any gas pipe. After that, unscrew the refrigerator from its place, and voila! To install the new refrigerator in its place following the same steps but in reverse order.

What is the average lifetime of an RV refrigerator?

Most of the RV refrigerators are manufactured with the same life duration as that of the travel vehicle. That being said, your RV refrigerator is likely to make your life easier for an average of 10 to 15 years. So if your RV refrigerator is older than that, it is high time that you consider buying a new one from our list of recommendations.

How should I clean my RV refrigerator?

It is best to deep clean your RV refrigerator right after your trip so when you have to hit the road again, there is one less thing on your to-do list.

The easiest way to clean the RV refrigerator is to empty it and take out all the removable units of the fridge, such as bins or trays. You can wash these units separately and scrub the inside of the refrigerator with a sponge and a non-toxic cleaning spray.

Make sure to dry each part of the fridge before you call it a day because if it is not properly dried and you close it shut, it can result in a bad odor and harmful bacteria. Therefore, be extra careful in the drying phase of your refrigerator.

How can I maintain my RV refrigerator as new?

We understand when you have spent your hard-earned money on an appliance, you will go the extra mile to keep it as new for years.

To do so, the first thing you need to make sure is that the level of your rig is aligned with your refrigerator, as it will significantly increase your appliance’s efficiency.

Secondly, try to park your vehicle in a shady area or at the side where your refrigerator is located. It is not exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day because that will affect your fridge’s ability to cool.

Finally, religiously clean your refrigerator after every trip, as regular cleaning will prevent the bad odor that results from harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Also, when your RV is not in use for weeks or months, make sure to turn off the refrigerator and leave its doors open for a while to let it dry out. If you follow all these maintenance tips, we are sure your appliance will outrun most of the regular RV refrigerators in functionality.


To keep your food and drinks cool and make your road trip more enjoyable. It is better to invest in a good-quality RV refrigerator because you won’t find any convenience store when you go camping. 

No matter if you are traveling in summers or winters, you will need an efficient RV refrigerator to prevent your perishable food items from going bad for days and weeks.

That being said, we have imparted all the knowledge we had regarding the RV refrigerators to you and hope that you find our recommendations and tips beneficial. Happy shopping and bon voyage!

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