Best RV Heaters
Best RV Heaters

5 Best RV Heaters

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A human being is a social animal, and exploring new routes and moving around is his innate desire. If you are an explorer too and camping in a cold-weather you might need a heater to warm yourself up.

Well, experts claim that a good RV heater can make your trip cozy and warm even if you are in a cold region. So, we have figured out some of the best RV heaters to keep you stress-free.

Best Choice


Heat Storm HS-1000 Infrared Remote Control Safe Heater

Premium Choice


De’Longhi Freestanding Thermic HMP 1500 Heater

Best in Budget


Lasko 5775 Indoor Auto-Timer Ceramic Electric Heater

Top 5 RV Heaters [Reviews]

1. De’Longhi Freestanding Thermic HMP 1500 Heater


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Full room warmth
  • Wall mount
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Low power consumption
  • Safety thermal cut-off


  • Some customers reported that it gets overheated after 3 hours of usage.

We are all well aware that a good heater is a lifesaver, especially in extremely low temperatures. This one here offers a complete warm surrounding as soon as it is turned on because of 1500 watts of power. 

Moreover, its color and look make it fancy and attractive. No wonder it is the best one around. There is no fixed heating temperature; rather, it is adjustable as per your requirement. 

Once you get a heater you will definitely want to set its temperature according to your needs. With this heater, you can easily set the temperature with simple knobs on the heater. It is easy to install and mount, so whether you are moving around, you can mount it temporarily.

When you look at its size and weight, it has a compact and slim design which you will definitely want to have. You can also move it around easily due to the lightweight that makes it even more desirable.

You will require some shore power for your RV heater. This heater consumes less power, and you can also reduce its consumption by adjusting its knob. So it will save more energy while producing enough heat to warm up your surroundings. 

The wheels attached to the heater make it easy to move around. So you can simply move it to your RV and then mount it at a place where you find it feasible. So what more can you expect from a heater at such a low price?


  • Lightweight: De’Longhi Thermic Heater weighs only 15.4 lbs. which makes it lightweight and portable. 
  • Full Room Warmth: It provides 5120 BTUs heating power that can warm up a full room within a few minutes.
  • Luxurious Look: Comes with a sleek and stylish design that complements any room.
  • Wall Mount: Provides a convenient option of wall mount and a kit. You can easily mount it on any wall. 
  • Silent Warmth: As this heater requires no fan, you can enjoy a nice sound sleep without any noise. 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 10 x 22 inches


Our research concludes that HM 1500 is one of the best heaters when it comes to the features and consumption of power with energy-saving procedures. The compact design fixes all your problems and makes it portable as well. 

2. Lasko 5775 Indoor Auto-Timer Ceramic Electric Heater


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Safe ceramic element 
  • Auto-off timer
  • Fully assembled 
  • ETL listed


  • ‘The grate of the heater gets extremely hot,’ reported by a customer. 

We have been talking about compact heaters, and the range of heaters on the market is a long one. There are very few brands that manufacture premium quality heaters that provide sufficient heat and are portable.

Lasko 5775 has a different design when compared to other models. It is similar to a heightened lamp but is a source of heat instead of light. The output is 1500 watts at most which is enough to keep a whole room warm.

Additionally, it does not have an adjustable knob for maintaining heat, but instead of a knob, there are two heat settings, 900 and 1500 W, which compensate for the need for an adjustable knob.

While sleeping in RV, you don’t need to get up at night to turn it off. It has an automatic timer that helps you do the job. It is best as your trip partner. 

There is a control panel over the head of the heater, which has operating buttons. There is no need for a manual for learning it as it is quite simple and easy to operate. However, it is difficult to mount it, so you need to adjust it when moving it around.

Furthermore, your safety is always the top priority, and this heater ensures that you remain safe at all times. There is a ceramic-based element that is used for producing heat. It minimizes every possibility of overheating or catching fire. 


  • Lightweight:  Lasko Ceramic Electric Heater weighs only 7.05 lbs. making it lightweight and portable. 
  • Electronic Controls: Comes with an amazing feature of digital controls with a large display unit. You can easily adjust heat settings, thermostat, 8 hours timer, and widespread oscillations. 
  • Carry Handle: Lasko 5775 features a convenient carry handle that lets you move it around easily. 
  • Built-in Safety Feature: Lasko 5776 comes with built-in safety features that provide overheat protection with cool-touch housing. 
  • 6 Feet Power Cord: It comes with a long length of 6 feet power cord, so you don’t have to worry about the extensions every time you plug it into a switch. 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches


To sum up, this compact and smart heater has flashy looks and is lightweight. You would find very few reasons not to buy it. The multiple heat settings and the automatic switching features make it one of the best RV heaters in the market.


3. Minetom 350W Thermostat Adjustable Compact Electric Heater


  • Portable and lightweight
  • LED display 
  • Overheat protection
  • Silent Warmth 
  • Low power consumption
  • Wall mount
  • Modern design
  • ETL listed


  • Not suitable for big RVs

You would have seen many modern heaters, and you might already have them at your home. But have you ever seen a digital wireless heater? This one here is a remote-controlled heater similar to the air conditioner

It has an excellent led display at the front. You can adjust the temperature by using a remote and even see the changing temperature over the panel. This mechanized heater looks like a future device. 

Moreover, there are also additional buttons for manual control of this best RV heater. You can also adjust the timing, like what temperature would remain up to a certain time and after which it would automatically change. 

Similarly, it is very efficient and wouldn’t take hours or more to heat your RV or your room; rather, it is quiet and heats the surroundings within no time. You won’t even know when it started working as the heater produces a very low sound.

You can easily mount this compact heater on any wall or even while going on a trip. There is an adjustable wall plug that allows you to rotate it up to 180 degrees for adjusting it properly, especially in RV, where space is already a problem. 

This heater is based on futuristic models and is very light in weight. You would feel like carrying a laptop with you. The design is compact as well to ensure that it occupies minimum space and adjusts properly.

This heater is highly economical as it consumes as low as 350 watts. So it consumes minimum energy and produces maximum output. 


  • Lightweight and Compact: Minetom weighs only 1.05 lbs. which makes it lightweight and portable. 
  • 180º Rotating Plug: It comes with a plug that can rotate over 180 degrees, making it quite convenient to use. 
  • Remote Controller: You can adjust the temperature by using a remote, and you can even see the changing temperature over the panel.
  • Silent Warmth: As this heater requires no fan, you can enjoy a nice sound sleep without any noise. 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches


We highly recommend this heater for your personal use as it has all-in-one features. It includes all features like small size, fast heating, digital panel, and automatic control. So what more would buyers want from it?

4. Comfort Zone Ceramic Thermostat Oscillating ECO Heater


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Digital display screen
  • Overheat protection
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • ECO mode energy saver
  • Low power consumption
  • Wall mount 
  • Modern design
  • ETL Listed


  • Noisy

This one here has a compact and elegant design. It has a classy appearance which looks quite similar to a speaker. There is a digital display at the front for adjusting temperature and keeping a check of all the activities.

Similarly, when we look at the efficiency of this machine, you would be amazed to know that it comes with a built-in fan that works on circulating the heat in the surrounding. So for your RV, it is the best one. 

Moreover, this heater depicts the safety of its user as its top priority. It has an automatic system that allows it to turn off in case power trips off or less power supply. So there is a minimum chance of a short circuit in this scenario.

Moving towards the digital display allows you to maintain temperature and keep a check of the atmosphere. The auto-shut-off helps you in sleeping or even going outside to keep the home warm.   

It has a built-in ECO mode for saving energy and producing the best output. As the room warms up, the heater starts consuming less power and forms a cozy environment so that you would have to pay the minimum bill at the end of the month.

It is oscillating for the proper dissemination of heat in the surroundings. It can oscillate to 70 degrees for maintaining uniform temperature, and you can do all of the features using a simple, smart remote. 


  • Digital Thermostat: This heater features a digital display at the front of the heater for adjusting the temperature and keeping a check of all the activities going on in it
  • Lightweight and Compact: It weighs only 7.13 lbs. which makes it lightweight and portable.
  • Fast & Efficient Heating System: It comes with a built-in fan that works on circulating the heat in the surrounding quickly and efficiently while keeping a steady temperature.
  • Remote Controller: You can adjust the temperature by using a remote and even seeing the panel’s changing temperature.
  • Dimensions: 13.19 x 9.84 x 26.38 inches


No need to worry anymore as this heater is best suited for portability and adjustability. The customer reviews over this brand are also pleasant so get this automatic heater at a cost-effective price today.

5. Heat Storm HS-1000 Infrared Remote Control Safe Heater


  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2
  • Pro 3


  • Con 1
  • Con 2
  • Con 3

We, as said earlier, are here to help you get the best heater on the market. Well, according to our research, this one here remains top of the line. The reason is the different heating technology that is being used.

This one uses an infrared-based heating mechanism. It doesn’t heat the atmosphere but the objects as well. So when you turn it off, the heat from the objects starts emitting, keeping your room warm for more time. 

The body of this heater is made of such material that it doesn’t get heat up due to the continuous emission of heat. So it is safe to touch and move around as well. It also shuts off in case of power supply fluctuates.

There is a suitable LED display at the top of this heater which tells you the heater’s temperature at which it is performing. You can easily regulate temperature as per your liking, and the remote control helps you access it.

It consumes less power as compared to its operating task. So such economic heaters are very few in the market and are rare to find as well. It is also easily mounted on the wall so that you can move it around as well. 


  • Effective Heat: The infrared heating mechanism doesn’t just heat the atmosphere but the objects as well. So your room will stay warm even after you turn it off. 
  • Safe Touch Grill: The material used in the body doesn’t heat up from the continuous emission of heat. Even if you touch the grill by mistake, you won’t get burned. 
  • Adjustable Thermostat: You can easily adjust the temperature as per your liking, and the remote control helps you access it.
  • Wall Mount: Comes with a convenient option of wall mount. You can easily mount it on any wall.  
  • Dimensions: 13 x 3.63 x 16.5 inches


Most customers are very satisfied with this device based on the reviews and are highly recommending giving it a try. This remote control and the highly efficient heater have a series of features for you.

Buying Guide

Well, you might have some factors in your mind before investing in the best RV heaters in 2021. This is important as these factors become the basis of your selection of heater. A good one can keep our RV warm and would reduce the likelihood of damaging appliances under the effect of cold temperature. So do have a look at the following factors.

Temperature Control

You might probably be thinking that what is the role of temperature control when you already require proper heat? Temperature control plays a crucial role in maintaining the temperature of the RV. 

It allows you to increase and decrease the temperature of your RV. You can regulate the atmosphere by maintaining the internal temperature as required. If the internal temperature of the room rises above the requirement; you have to turn the heater off to let the temperature cool down a bit. 


The efficiency of an RV heater is based on its performance and aspects. It includes the amount of energy it consumes to disseminate heat and how long the heat would remain once it is turned off. 

By efficiency, we mean the constant temperature it can maintain and how long the heater can work. On average, a good heater should provide max output with low consumption of energy for cost affectivity. 

Power or Fuel Consumption

Our innate desire is to get the best with the minimum possible investment. Power or fuel consumption is the base of an RV heater. It would work mainly on the fuel or power of the RV for proper functioning.

You have to look for how much fuel it consumes while working. You need a heater that consumes less fuel to ensure it to be cost-effective. You can check this in the description of the brand or on its website. 

Type of RV

Keep in mind the size of RV you own before choosing an RV heater. Certainly, you will need a larger and more powerful heater for a larger-sized RV.

Also, keep in mind the pre-installed incinerator or heater of your RV’S because some RVs like pop-up campers do not come with an in-built heating system. 

Expected Weather

You will need a more powerful heater if you’re camping in bone-chilling weather, especially when you’re staying somewhere without any shore power. 

A powerful emergency heater is a must if you’re boondocking in cold weather. However, there’s no need for a larger/more powerful heater if you are heading out in milder weather. A small RV heater will do the task with the same heat output. 

Comfort Level

The comfort level depends on how warm do you like it in your RV. If you like a toasty warm temperature in your RV, you need a more powerful heater. If you want to beat off the chill and are fine with a cozy temperature, you might not need something powerful; a small heater will do the job. 

Style of Camping

Style of camping is the most important consideration when you’re buying an RV heater. So, you have to keep in mind that whether you’re camping with or without hookups. 

An electrical heater is a more practical choice if you’re not far away from a utility store or a market. However, for dry camping, a fuel-powered portable heater is preferable. 


You can get a quality RV heater within a price range of $23 to $100. So you need to make sure that the selected product lies within your budget. Also, see if the product is according to your needs and is powerful enough to warm up your RV. 

Do not buy a heater just because it is inexpensive; always prefer quality over cost. 


Which heater is better, electric or propane-based?

Both of these are suitable to be used for RV heaters. It depends upon your preference and what kind of benefits you could get. If you are in an area where propane is easily available, it suits you as it is more cost-effective.

On the other hand, in the case of an electric heater, you don’t need to worry about re-filling of gas or finding it. It would run on the power of your RV, and as long as you drive, the heater would provide warm surroundings. 

Why one needs to get an RV heater when there is an already built-in furnace?

The main objective is to keep the RV warm and cozy. The built-in furnace is quite powerful and produces more heat. But, it also consumes a large amount of energy for its operation.

Contrary to this, when we use an additional RV heater, it is less power-consuming and works more efficiently. It also tends to put less pressure on the RV while working. So it is more suitable to use. 

Are ceramic heaters safe for RV?

Ceramic is a material that conducts heat rapidly and disseminates properly. Moreover, ceramics are hard and become a good source of heat for the surroundings. They are safer to use when compared with others because ceramics don’t have any heating coil that could get overheated and lead to a blast.

Ceramics conduct heat at a higher temperature and more efficiently. They are cost-effective and easy to move. 

Are propane heaters safe to use in RV?

Well, many people ask this question that as propane is itself a gas, there might be a chance that it could be life-threatening. However, the reality is opposite to it in this scenario. The furnace uses power to heat the inside of the RV along with the consumption of propane.

There is no emission of any dangerous or life-threatening gases like carbon monoxide, leading to suffocation or catching fire. So we can say that it is completely safe to use. 

How much propane does an RV heater consume?

It is dependent upon the use of the furnace of the RV. The more you use the furnace to warm the room, the more it could consume. On average, 1/3 of a gallon of propane is consumed in roughly an hour. So you can say that after 3 hours, a gallon of propane is consumed after continuous use. 

How can I heat my camper without power?

There are multiple ways through which you can keep your camper warm. You can simply use a moveable gas heater to keep it warm. You can go for a vented furnace to regulate the internal temperature of your camper, or you can simply use the vehicle’s heater. 

Can I live in RV in winter?

This depends upon the type of RV you have and the insulation you have done on it. Old RV’s had no such insulation mechanism, whereas the new ones have proper insulation for keeping it warm.

You can use electric blankets or flannel sheets as a source of heat. You can use a heater that works on solar power so that you can sleep with ease, and it would work on power stored in its cells. 

What are better ceramic or infrared-based heaters?

Both of these have their perks and privileges. When it comes to the heating of bigger areas, ceramic heaters are at the top of the line and are not hot to touch. Infrared is good to use for small rooms and is safer for health as well.


To sum up, RV heaters are not necessarily required when you are in a hot region. The main issue is when you are living in or driving in a cold region. The cold weather affects the appliances of the RV and dismantles them for good. So a heater becomes necessary in this scenario.

Our goal was to help you reach a cost-effective and highly efficient RV heater that you can use with ease. We hope that this guide would have cleared your queries and helped you enough. You can also tell us your views. Thank you.

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