Best RV Bike Rack
Best RV Bike Rack

9 Best RV Bike Racks

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If you are done with forcing your bikes inside a limited space for storage, here, you will find to end this struggle. Going out on an adventure requires packing up the essentials. In a congested space, it is not possible to keep everything with you. 

Hence, for a relaxed tour, you need the best RV bike rack possible. If you are not much of a reader, take a look at the following table.

Best Choice


XC2 RV Approved Bike Rack by Swagman

  • Support weight around 70 pounds
  • Hitch and bumper mount systems
  • Reliable lifetime warranty
  • Easy-to-operate push-button ratchet arms

Premium Choice


Dispatch Hitch Mount Bike Rack by Swagman

  • Exceptional load capacity
  • Warranty for a lifetime
  • Adjustable sliding wheel trays
  • Equipped with mast folds down

Best in Budget


RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack by Camco

  • Economical price
  • Straps to keep bikes in the desired place
  • Simple installation
  • Additional installation add-on 
  • Removable and foldable for storage

Top 9 RV Bike Racks [Reviews]

Here, you will find the best RV Bike Racks on the entire market. In the conclusion of these products, you will be able to distinguish between the models based on their features.

1. XC2 RV Approved Bike Rack by Swagman


  • Support weight around 70 pounds
  • Hitch and bumper mount systems
  • Reliable lifetime warranty
  • Easy-to-operate push-button ratchet arms


  • Complicated installation

This product comes first in our review for the Best RV Bike Rack because of the countless features. Also, people are fond of this brand for years, as they always have an impressive deal for them. The load capacity of this rack is almost 70 pounds. That means you can put at least two 35-pound bikes on this rack. 

There is another feature that must not go unnoticed. And that is the lifetime warranty the company is offering. So, whenever you feel like replacing it, no one will stop you from doing it. With this offer, you can estimate the kind of faith the company has in this product. 

To support wheels, it has sliding wheel hoops to make sure no harm happens to the wheels of your bike when you are on the road. This rack comes with two mount mechanisms. That is a 2-inch hitch receiver and a bumper mount. 

This bike rack has push-button ratchet arms. These are useful to adjust the rack so your bike gets additional protection. Also, it has adjustable hooks to mount your bike by its frame. Some users complained about the tough installation process.


  • Push-button ratchet arms: adjustable to increase the safety of your bike
  • Sliding wheel hoops: keeps the wheels safe
  • Two mounting systems: make it easier to use


An expert suggested that using an adapter to mount it to the bumper is better. Because of this, the installation goes smoothly. The quality of the rack is amazing. The process of loading and unloading their bikes has become easier now.

2. RV Approved Ladder Rack by Swagman


  • Able to hold 70 pounds
  • Very Light in weight
  • Easy installation process
  • Rubber straps for additional protection
  • Available at a budget-friendly price


  • It May does not last for several years

The second product is also from Swagman. It meets your best RV bike rack needs brilliantly, which makes it a reputed model in the market. The credit of its popularity goes to the features it contains. 

First of all, the aluminum construction of this rack allows easy movement. Hence, with this product, the installation shouldn’t be a problem. Aside from that, aluminum construction has anti-corrosive properties.  This will fight against environmental factors, such as rust.

This rack can effortlessly hold up to 70 pounds that makes it a rack with two bikes option. The hook design of the rack is well-engineered to provide ease in the process of installation. These hooks carry your bikes without letting them touch the road. So, they always remain in their original condition.

It has rubber straps to add more security and protection for your bikes. It has a dual-arm design to guarantee that your bikes don’t even get a scratch. The durability of this model is still a mystery for us.  


  • Aluminum body: makes it lightweight
  • Rubber straps: to secure the bikes nicely


According to a customer Kevin, if you don’t want a thief to steal it, you need a bicycle chain to lock it to the ladder. The cradle parts look like they are going to wear out because of the exposure to UV light.

3. RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack by Camco


  • Economical price
  • Straps to keep bikes in the desired place
  • Simple installation
  • Additional installation add-on 
  • Removable and foldable for storage


  • Handles around 60 pounds
  • Doesn’t last too long

The design of this rack makes the installation quick and tireless. You can hook the rack onto the rear ladder of your recreational vehicle. And, if you are considering a not so pricey rack, this is the best RV bike rack.

You can remove the bikes from this rack in a few minutes. You don’t have to ask somebody to give you a hand or waste time trying to get your bikes off the rack. The peak storability of this rack makes it outshine every other model in the same price range. The design gives you a choice to fold it up when there is no use for it.

So, when you are not utilizing it, strap it on the roof of the RV. Isn’t it a great way to save space?

This model is made for families who want extra space and can’t leave anything behind on their adventure trips. But, this product carries up to 60 pounds only. That means if you have heavier bikes, you have to think twice before buying them. 


  • Foldable design: doesn’t occupy much space.
  • Expert installation add-on: eliminates the confusion regarding its set up


Some customers said that they faced durability issues with the bending of the product. But, the extra straps make sure the bikes stay in place all the time.

4. 501BR Ladder Mounted Bike Rack by Surco


  • Price is low
  • Robust aluminum design
  • Convenient Ladder access
  • Manageable and Lightweight


  • Average loading capacity

This is the rack that works great on an RV ladder. It has numerous high-class features and is available at a price that won’t empty your wallet. The construction of this rack is done with aluminum. That makes it a perfect example of durability. Your rack will not get rusty or undergo corrosion. As a bonus, it is lightweight quality to be managed without an issue.

The design is planned with simplicity. Maybe, that is why you will see a straightforward installation process. Surprisingly, people who are bad at mechanical processes can assemble it.

The design also includes pivoting arms to provide access to the ladder when you are not using the bicycle. Imagine you don’t have to remove and place the bike rack every time you need the ladder.

This product shows versatility by allowing many types of frames, sizes, wheels, etc., to fit on it. Obviously, it does that by remaining in the limited loading capacity it has. The load capacity of this rack is 60 pounds. For those who seek to transport only a single or two lightweight bikes, this is hands down the Best RV Bike Rack for you.


  • Pivoting arms: enable you to use the ladder any time
  • Aluminum design: makes it sturdy


From the reviews, we learned that this RV rack is sturdy, and the pivoting arm is a top-class feature. However, the straps and bars may be small for a mountain bike.

5. RV bumper-mounted Rack by Quick Products


  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Adjustable mounting
  • Comes at a cheap price 
  • Superb customer service


  • Can’t hold more than 60 pounds

There comes another competitive product on our list. The design of this rack is of steel construction. As we all know, steel doesn’t fall victim to corrosion and rust. The quality of the rack is because the steel is further powder coated. These two materials are perfect for making a strong exterior.

Due to the good quality, it can be called almost a universal fit for all bikes. Many people agreed to the hassle-free installation. This product received positive reviews from the users. And, that is an unusual thing to see in a product these days at this cost. So, you must consider it before making the final decision.

The quality is because of the hardware’s durability, and they fit together exceptionally well. The price of the product fall in the low-priced products category. The customer service of this brand is praiseworthy as well.


  • Adjustable mounting: provide a better experience
  • Durable construction: allows it to stay in good condition for years


The experts say that for this price, it is a bonafide steal. The is very well-planned, and it distributes distribute the weight across the bumper of your bumper. 

6. 2-Bike RV Bumper Rack by Swagman


  • Tough steel construction
  • Instantly fits into a square bumper between a specific area
  • Comes at an affordable rate


  • Not for every bike

From a lot of aspects, this can be a go-to product for RV enthusiasts. For us, it is a must-have travel trailer bike racks. It clearly leaves others behind because of the ability to fit onto any square bumper. So, in that 4 inches bumper space of your RV, you expect to fit it in.

If you are one of those people who have such bumper, this is the best RV bike rack to make things manageable. The assembly of this product is so easy that it will take you less time than you expect.

With this rack, you will find steel U-bolts with the rack. To ensure that the installation is tough, they have given the bolts. In addition to that, it is made of heavy-duty steel that protects it from deterioration.

This isn’t absolutely perfect as it has some tiny fundamental flaws. Still, we count it in the products that are made to satisfy the consumers. 


  • Added hardware: guarantees adequate assembly 
  • Great design: fits swiftly onto a bumper between 4 to 4.5 inches 


The customers reported that the fit and finish of the bike rack is appealing, but after 5 to 6 months, the paint may come off from many places.

7. Black Jack-It Rack by Lippert Components


  • Innovative frame design
  • High holding capacity
  • Firm material used in construction
  • Fits every bike frame
  • Extra hitch cargo space for storage


  • A bit expensive

The innovative design of this model makes it a favorite for hundreds of people. Basically, the design allows you to install this RV bike rack onto the A-frame of your trailer.

The advantage of this design is that it secures two bikes by their wheels. Mostly, racks secure the bikes by their bodies. Actually, this design prevents the damage caused when two bikes bump together.

The design allows a rear hitch or cargo space too. In other words, it will help you keep other gears and valuable things as well. The holding capacity of this rack is commendable as it can tolerate 80 pounds. The rack has adjustable wheel cradles that are not at all tacky.

The wheel cradles work in combination with the straps of the rack. As a result, the wheels of your bike stay protected. This is the best RV bike rack that constitutes of highly durable material. We can bet that you will not feel the need to replace it for a decade. The manufacturers coated the rack to ensure factors like rust and corrosion stay away from it.


  • Cargo space: allow you to store more items
  • Wheel cradles: protects the bike wheels from damage
  • Great construction quality: makes it stand the test of time


The users felt difficulty in taking the bike on and off the rack. This is because of the insignificant space between the front of the trailer and the hanger. 

8. Dispatch Hitch Mount Bike Rack by Swagman


  • Exceptional load capacity
  • Warranty for a lifetime
  • Adjustable sliding wheel trays
  • Equipped with mast folds down


  • Very expensive

Firstly, we would like to tell you that even though this product is pricey, it earned the most star from the users. Thus, we can’t deny the fact that a lot of people choose it in spite of the high price. This rack by Swagman is fully loaded with features. Or, you can say that it contains everything you require in a rack.

To be particular, this rack has the capability to carry up to 90 pounds. With this load capacity, you don’t have to stress about overloading your bikes on it. Consequently, it mitigates the possible transportation problems.

Besides that, the sliding wheel trays adjust to multiple bike configurations. As for the whole structure of the rack, the adjustable hooks are strong as well. Their purpose is to secure the bike’s frame to the rack. With the same lines, there are wheel ratchet straps to keep the bicycle in place.

Honestly speaking, the reviews on the uncomplicated installations were numerous. If this product lies in your budget, it is truly the best RV bike rack


  • Sliding wheel trays: help you place various bikes
  • Wheel ratchet straps: to keep the wheels of the bike secure


A valued user said that it is evident that every component is included with thorough research and planning.

9. RV Approved Escapee Hitch Bike Rack by Swagman


  • Ensures no frame contact
  • Easily carry 120 pounds
  • Lifelong warranty
  • Suitable for most of the bikes
  • Includes two same key lock cylinders


  • Overpriced

Lastly, this is the most expensive product on the whole list. Overall, we don’t find anything about the product that will not meet your expectations. With the design of this product, the makers claim that the frame will not come in contact with bikes. And, the bikes will also be at a safe distance to avoid a collision.

It also has ratcheting arms for the wheels. For the grip of the wheels, straps are present. The feature that makes it the best RV bike rack in the industry is its ability to carry up to 120 pounds. This load capacity is rare among other bike racks.

You get 2 extra same key lock cylinders when you buy the rack. This makes sure that the bike stays within the rack no matter how rough you drive. To gain the trust of customers, the company backs up its product with a lifetime warranty.


  • Straps: to secure the bike properly
  • Smart design: the frame doesn’t touch the bikes
  • 2 same key lock cylinders: ensures a greater level of protection


According to a user, the rack holds 2 heavy e-bikes without any difficulty. The operation is simple. Yet, the installation can be a little tricky. Despite that, the instructions to help you.

Buying Guide

Cost of the RV Bike Rack

Obviously, whether you buy a small or a big product, the price makes you come to the final decision. Similarly, when you shop for the best RV bike rack, you must know your budget. With the increasing amount of money, you may get some extra options.

If you are searching for an economical option, ladder-mounted racks are an excellent choice. Those who are afraid that no rack can bear years of abuse can go for the hitch or bumper-mounted type.

Remember, one thing implies to almost all the products you buy; the pricier product doesn’t always offer the best features.

Total Bikes You Can Load

Before choosing a bike rack, you need to consider the number of bikes you are going to hang on it. This works great for narrowing down your options when shopping for the best RV bike rack.

Most of the popular models have space for 2 bikes, but that doesn’t mean that those models come in more than 4-bike options are not made. 

However, when you expect more loading capacity of your RV bike rack, you will not have plenty of options available. 

Measurement Of The Bikes

There is another factor that you must keep in your mind that every bike rack will not accept every bike. That makes it important that the rack you are buying holds the bike you want to hang on it. Due to this, it’s better to select a bike rack that gives you the option for adjustments. By making a few adjustments, it will support the bike you need to place on the rack. 

Apart from that, several bike racks need an adapter. Those who have children and are buying a rack to bring their kid’s bike on the trip must check the compatibility. Prior to selecting an item, make sure you know if it’s usable. That being said, buying additional adapters is necessary. 

Build Quality Of The RV Bike Rack

The RV bike rack you’re purchasing must have an incredible construction quality to stay functional for a long period. Every bike rack has distinct material used in its making. Searching on the internet may take you to several inexpensive products, but do not rely on them blindly. They have a cheap price tag because of the poor quality material used in the construction. In a few miles, they will give up their purpose. 

Usually, bike racks are made with solid steel, and the models that are powder-coated show a good amount of durability. Because these substances are made for tanks and other weapons, they are corrosion-free. So, they remain a part of your RV after many years. 

Loading and Descend Of the Bike

If you are the one who will use the rack for hanging your bike, your height matters. If you are a tall person, Ladder racks are what you need. But, if you are around 5′ or less, the handling of the bikes can become an exhaustive experience.

In such cases, a bumper-mounted rack is simple to unhook. Because of this, it is less secure as well. In short, before purchasing the best RV bike rack, don’t overlook any factor, or else you will end up wasting your money.


How Can I Install a Bike Rack?

To determine the method of installation of a bike rack, you need to check on the type of rack you are planning to buy.

However, the simplest answer to your question is to read the installation requirements provided by the company. That will ensure that you are following the correct process or not. For example, out of the three types, for bumper-mounted racks, you need more time for installation time and energy.

That is because you can’t install it without utilizing hardware. Hence, if you want them to carry the weight of your rack after loading them on, install it carefully. Moreover, you may require a screw with an adapter that muffles around the upper side and lower part of the steel-welded bumper of your recreational vehicle.

To keep the bracket in one position, you need to install screws and nuts on top of the bumper. Plus, you can secure it in place. For the other portion of the rack, you will need specific bolts or pins. After tightening these bolts or pins, it slides into place. 

The hitch-mounted racks are the ones where you slide the rack into the hitch receiver to lock the pin. Indeed, this rack is for those who are scared of complex fittings.

Last but not the least, Ladder racks hook over the horizontal steps of an RV ladder and strap. 

If you fail to understand the instructions in the manual, give a call to the manufacturer’s customer service to solve your queries. In case that is not helpful either, YouTube is a great source for various videos that explains the process of installation.

What Is The Correct Way Of Loading Bikes On RV Bike Racks?

Even in the Best RV Bike Rack, you have two options when it comes to loading your bike. In the first type, you can place it onto a platform or hang them on the rungs.

The ideal way is to hang them using the handlebars facing in the opposite direction. In simple words, if you load one bike and the handlebars face towards the passenger side of the RV, you must load the other one facing the driver’s side.

With this technique, your bikes can be placed together more conveniently. Note that the pedals of your bike must not push through the spokes or any other mechanical part. This is how you can transport your bikes without damaging them. 

What Are The Names Of Well-Known RV Bike Racks Companies?

Lippert, Swagman, and Hollywood are the three companies that manufacture the best RV bike rack. Swagman produces many different designs for RV bike racks so that it can be attached to the vehicle of different classes. Lippert is famous around the world for its great customer service in this field.

Hollywood Racks make high-quality structures that are suitable for a number of different installations. Nevertheless, as the name suggests, you should not expect them to be affordable. 


With the best RV bike rack on the back of your RV, you can be assured that your bike is going with you no matter where you decide to explore. Not only that, it is a safe area to keep your bike when you have to spend the night in an unknown area.

By reading these reviews, you will find the perfect storage space for you. Depending on your RV setup, you can pick the rack. From our bike rack buying guide and FAQs, you can gain significant knowledge of this item.

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