Best RV Awnings
Best RV Awnings

9 Best RV Awnings

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RV awnings are made up of several materials and have multiple functions. We all want shade on a sunny day and protection during the rainy season; this is when we need to have an RV Awning. 

Our team did research on the fabric, type, and mechanism of the following products to find the best RV awning for you.

Best Choice


Drop RV Awning by Carefree

  • Blocks a big fraction of sunlight 
  • For hot sunny days, it is brilliant
  • Thick and long-lasting fabric

Premium Choice


Automatic Slide-Out RV Awning by Solera

  • It has a cost-effective value
  • Blocks Sunlight Completely
  • Has Automatic Mechanism

Best in Budget


RV Awning by SunWave

  • Colorful design to increase the appeal
  • Light in weight for easier handling
  • Long-lasting fabric is used for construction
  • Comes at a reasonable value

Top 9 RV Awnings [Reviews]

1. RV Awning by SunWave


  • Colorful design to increase the appeal
  • Light in weight for easier handling
  • Long-lasting fabric is used for construction
  • Comes at a reasonable value


  • The guide for installation is complicated

This is the first candidate in the list of our best RV awning reviews because of the high quality. To keep it cool in heat coming out of the sun, it is made in a blue tone. The construction is of vinyl to give you and your family maximum protection on your outdoor trips.

Because it is extremely easy to install, those who are buying an RV awning must consider this one. The fabric is not for electric awnings. However, for the awnings that you can operate manually, these are convenient to use. Do the installation by yourself. You can put this onto your trailer with the help of one member of the family. That means after a few minutes of taking this accessory to your home, you will be able to get benefit from it.

This awning is a perfect example of a sturdy awning for your RV. Besides that, the design and the color make it attractive to the customers. So, if you are looking for a product that gives good shelter and is eye-catching at the same time, you will love it.

Yet, you may find one issue with this awning that it doesn’t have a satisfactory manual for instruction to install it. Due to this, you may damage the fabric while installing it.


  • Lightweight: makes storage trouble-free.
  • Vinyl construction: provides great protection from different weathers


According to an expert Les, by watching some installation videos on the internet, you can easily do it. Apart from that, you need a non-leveling caulk and two to three people to get the job done.

2. RV Awning Replacement by Innova


  • Available at a fair price 
  • Installation is Simple 
  • Decent construction


  • The finish fades away with time

For recreational vehicles, the accessories must be tough. This is because these products are meant for keeping outside. Hence, this is a tough awning, as it has four-ply fabrics that are thick enough to give you a shield even in harsh rainfalls.

Whatever comes in the way of RVing, this awning is made to withstand all of that. This awning is available in many sizes and colors to blend it in any sort of surrounding. The pattern of the fabric continues in a single-piece design that integrates stitched poly cords. Like the previous one, this awning by Innova takes a few minutes to position and install. 

In today’s chaotic environment, it is the best RV awning to purchase, as you can use it even when you have a jam-packed schedule. It falls in the category of low-priced models. Thankfully, you can afford it without emptying your pocket. For all the genuine buyers, the makers offer a five-year manufacturer warranty for the coverage of all the defects. 


  • Four-ply fabric: grants thickness to the awning 
  • Reinforced poly cords: to use in the track for attaching it to the rig
  • Pull strap: for retracting or rolling the awning


The experts quoted that the simple installation procedure makes it the best RV awning. Aside from that, it costs you less than half the money that you spend on hiring a professional installation service.

3. RV Awning Replacement Fabric by Shade Pro


  • Rapid installation
  • Perfect fit your RV
  • Affordable price tag


  • May notice some printing defects

If you are in search of an awning to replace the damaged beyond repair, then this is the best RV awning for you. This awning is made to replace the ripped or worn-out fabric of your old awning. Therefore, it gives protection from bugs, wind, sand particles, etc.

To be true to its name, this awning replacement fabric fits and installs it into your vehicle within moments. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with well-known hardware brands, which give you a choice to reuse existing awning rails rather than buying new ones. After finishing the setup process, you will not have any problem for several months. All you have to do is to clean the contaminants after at least a month.

The 3-year limited warranty on the parts ensures customer satisfaction in the event where the parts of the awning break; you can ask the company anytime for replacement. As far as appearance is concerned, it has a blue-white gradient to match with most of the vehicles.

Altogether, it’s the best RV awning option for fabric replacement in your RV awning. You can conceal the cracks and tears with it. It shows good resistance to fading too. On some patches, you will observe smudges on its paint. Nonetheless, we don’t think it’s right to call it an issue.


  • Three-ply fabric: ensures breathability and good quality
  • Knitted poly cords: makes the installation hassle-free


The experts look at it as an amazing product. But, to make sure that the fit is right, you need to take measurements of the old fabric before ordering. You also need mechanical skills, a toolkit, ladders, and two people for assistance. 

4. Retractable RV Awning by ALEKO


  • Superb protection for your RV
  • Works without using electricity
  • The inclusion of attractive colors


  • Unclear instructions

In terms of operation, this is hands down the best RV awning. People who are planning to go on a voyage in their RVs must bring this with them. The major thing that makes it different from the previous awning is the hand crank that permits you to open/close the awning. In a matter of seconds, you can perform this function. 

It works like a canopy awning and is attached to the front of your vehicle. Now, you will enjoy your me-time while you are out on a road trip. The material used for the construction is tolerant to mold, water, mildew, and ultraviolet rays. Thereby, you can expect it to be in good condition for years.

The fabric is well-designed and consists of beautiful colors. They do not fade even after multiple washes. They complement the whole look of your RV. This impressive sight makes you feel a touch of elegance on your vehicle as you drive.

This is an electricity-free awning. Many people are sick of their irritating electric retractable awning, and this awning is a solution for them.


  • Includes a hand crank: for easy opening and closure 
  • Powder-coated frame: prevents rust


The reviews from the professional suggest that it is a wonderful product with a strong overall construction that comes in mediocre packaging. After reading the feedback, we learned that a few had an issue with the shipment time.

5. Universal Fit Awning by Solera


  • Comes in many sizes and colors
  • Smoothly fits any sized RV


  • Stitching is not that tight

As the name refers, this awning replacement fabric has the ability to fit any size of the RV. Because of the range of colors and sizes, we can consider it one of the best RV awning. This awning is built with heavy-duty vinyl. The designs with vinyl offer trustworthy protection from natural phenomena like winds, heavy rains, and UV rays. The installation steps are easy to follow, even for an amateur. 

One of the things that we like the most about this awning is that it saves time. To find the accurate fit for your RV, you get to choose from one of the many size options offered by the company. The range of colors includes a blue fade, solid black, burgundy fade, green fade, brownish-yellow fade, silver fade, and a plain white fade.

With this wide range, you may have trouble picking the one you like. Of course, this awning has durable material to resist wear and tear. With the sober design, you can get great durability and high endurance.


  • Vinyl material: to protect you from every external element
  • Plenty of Sizes: you can get the right fit without struggling


The only flaw that the experts saw in this was the absence of instruction. If you don’t watch any reference videos, you will find the task frustrating. Removing the old fabric is as easy as pie.

6. Camping Trailer Awning by Dometic


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Offers rapid storage
  • Convenient usage and installation


  • Single color and size is available

This is not only a lightweight material, but it is also compact. In other words, it gives you a nice shade to release you from the worries while camping on your vehicle. The dimension of this awning is around 11ft. With this, you can enjoy movie nights on a projector under the sky. 

The technique of installation takes a few minutes if you have knowledge about this product. By having an understanding of the parts, it becomes uncomplicated to do it. 

The compact design of this awning is really advantageous. As a bonus, all the hardware you need for it is added to the package. So, you don’t need any extra tools for installation.

Right now, it comes in only a single color that is sandstone. So far, the quality, longevity, ease of use makes it the best RV awning for camping trailers.

You can count the fewer choices of color and sizes as a downside of the product. But, we are still uncertain if these are the final options, as the manufacturer may add some more options later.


  • Thick material: allows it to stand the test of time
  • Big Size: ensure a good fit for trailers 


After taking a close look at the product, the experienced individuals advised to use it for replacement. Plus, the ease of use this product offers is praiseworthy.

7. Drop RV Awning by Carefree


  • Blocks a big fraction of sunlight 
  • For hot sunny days, it is brilliant
  • Thick and long-lasting fabric


  • More suitable for the electric awnings

It is made up of sturdy material and fits into almost every awning brand easily. Most importantly, if you want to get a product that can save you from UV rays as you sit outside of your RV in summers, this is the best RV awning drop.

This is because the fabric of the awning has the capability of blocking more than eighty percent sunlight to keep you and your family cool and comfy. The fabric of the awning has a one-year warranty. When installing the upper-most section of the awning, you will need a hand. After attaching that part, you can zip the fabric with ease. Overall, you can’t do it alone.

As one of the high-class awnings drops, this product is reliable. There is another important feature of this product that it slides into your awning and the top section stays in the awning. Moreover, the fabric is weaved to keep your RV cool in the afternoon.


  • Robust zipper: makes it highly operational.
  • Special open-weave fabric: guarantees that you don’t come in direct contact with the sun


The noticeable thing that we must mention about this awning fabric is that it provides shade when you park it in an area with direct sun. It is an affordable awning, so everyone can get their hands on this product. 

8. Automatic Slide-Out RV Awning by Solera


  • It has a cost-effective value
  • Arrives at your home at an estimated time
  • An informative guide is present


  • Tech support is not for a significant period

This is the first Automatic Slide-Out Awning on our list and the ultimate choice of RV enthusiasts. This is the best RV awning that provides full coverage. As this awning can protect slide-out areas of recreational vehicles, you will not encounter bird droppings, tree leaves, dirt, etc.

In addition to the above, this slide-out Awning extends and retracts automatically. The slide-out sections also move with the awning. Upon purchasing this awning, you get the installation hardware too. To put it simply, the setup process is undemanding.

The universal hole pattern is used in the designing of this item, and the awning mitigates the need for patching holes in the external surface. This maintains the look of your rig. It comes in is distinct vinyl and acrylic fabric colors to look good together in every possible scenario.

When we talk about the affordability of the product, we consider this product reasonable for the features it is offering. A one-year manufacturer warranty is included, so your money is going in the right place.


  • Slide-out system: prevent the growth of microbial colonies
  • Universal hole pattern: keeps the look aesthetic 
  • Automatic operation: provides an exceptional controllability 
  • Hardware included: peacefully installs with a few minutes


The users spoke highly of this product, as it reaches your doorsteps at the delivery date and the packaging is adequate with cardboard tubes. It has awning rails, hardware, and screws for complete installation. Directions are straightforward. Hence it is not hard to install them.

9. Manual RV Slide-Out Awning by Vevor


  • Sophisticated look 
  • Cleaning is not demanding 
  • Heavy-duty material is utilized for construction


  • May face size issues
  • Color shade needs improvement

This awning is an all-time favorite of people who have an RV. The reason behind the fame is the level of protection that is much better than the regular awnings. It blocks everything that comes in the way of your leisure time. Due to this, your experience is most likely to turn out to be a memorable one. 

There is a pull strap to keep it when you are not using it. Anytime you want, you can deploy and retract this awning without wasting a nanosecond. 

It has a superior heavy-duty vinyl fabric that is known to endure the pressure of water and air.

As a consequence, the awning is going to remain in one piece even if you use it on a daily basis. 

Speaking of the cost, it is economical. You are not required to plan your budget for months to buy this. Having said that, it offers coverage and stability. Note that you have to be careful before finalizing the size. 

You don’t need to hire a professional service to set it up. By using your intuition, you can assemble this awning with simple tools. 


  • Welded by heat: provides sturdiness 
  • Vinyl fabric: makes it endure rain and air
  • Waterproof material: avoid the smell and stain from molds


Although the customers found the instruction book unclear, the installation of this awning is doable.

Buying Guide

On an afternoon, when the temperature is high, and you decide to camp with your family. That is the perfect time to set up the RV awning to enjoy the outdoor environment sitting on a lawn chair. There are a bunch of awnings in the market that claim to be extraordinary. We believe that the best RV awning varies from person to person, depending on the experience. 

We have written three of the most significant factors you need to consider before purchasing an RV awning.

System You Need To Consider

You can have two types of systems in an RV awning: electric or manual. Both of them need different care. Mainly, it depends on the RV you have. It is pretty obvious that an electric system deploys the awning with the click on a switch. Thus, the amount of maintenance it requires is much less than the other type. To keep the joints and other metal parts moving, you must put lubricant on them. The suitable type of oils is dry graphite or any other dry oil or lubricant. 

When we talk about manual awnings, they need more maintenance because they have more parts attached for movement. Apart from that, lubricate the joints and metal parts, and extend the awning in the right way. If the awning is deployed carelessly, it may lead to damage to the RV or the awning.

Pick the Fabric Accurately

Mostly, awnings are made by using vinyl. It is a durable fabric that is lighter than traditional fabrics. Plus, it is water-resistant, so you can use it for a long time. Despite that, it may give you a hard time if you rely entirely on the water resisting property.

No matter what type of awning you have purchased, don’t put it away until it’s not dry. If water accumulates on a product for an extended time and it has no room to escape from an area, it will produce fungus or mold on the fabric. After this, you will notice stains and a funky smell coming from the awning. This is when you are compelled to change the awning.

By deep cleaning your awning fabric more than twice a year, you can prevent mildew or mold from forming on your awning. In this type of cleaning, these microorganisms are scrubbed off the awning by using a vinyl cleaner or a powerful bleach.

Size of the RV Awning

Some of the RVs come with an awning, but most of the sellers don’t offer it. To find the best RV awning, you need to measure the dimensions of your RV. That tells you the size of the area you require outdoors. We know that you don’t want to end up buying an awning that is larger or smaller than the space outside. 

So, make sure you remember to measure your RV. Ideally, it must be half or one-third the length of your RV. In order to check it, you can see the measurements of an awning in the guide. This is crucial to get a suitable fit for your RV. 


What Kind of RV Awning Fabric Is Correct for Me?

Basically, you will find two types of RV awning fabric. The first one is vinyl and the second one is acrylic. Being a woven kind of material, acrylic shows quick drying. Still, it is not water-resistant. Wherever you put an acrylic awning, everything under it will feel cooler. That is because acrylic increases the flow of air. On the other hand, vinyl is a layered fabric that has water-resisting properties. 

Is it Possible to Save My RV Awning From Deterioration?

Generally, an RV awning is exposed to harmful UV rays. In addition to that, there is pollution, dust, debris, and moisture that can cause the decaying of a fabric. In case of heavy rains or a windstorm, it is better to keep it in a dry spot till the weather goes back to normal. Sometimes, it is not feasible to do that, so there are covers in the market to provide protection for your awning.

What is the Right Way to Install My RV Awning?

The simplest answer to this question is: it is based on the type of awning you own. When you search for an awning, make sure to see if it has an installation manual or not. In such booklets, each step is written in an ordered manner. Also, you will get to know about the precautions you need to take.

Whether or not you have a manual, you will easily find copies of it on the internet. If that is not the condition, try to reach out to the manufacturer or a local dealer to resolve your problems. Note that professional installation services are always the second option when you are not able to install them on your own. If you fail to set it up in a certain way, it may cause harm to you and the awning. Even the best RV awning is useful only if you install it properly.

How Can I Clean My RV Awning?

You can clean your RV awning with the help of a hose. Those who use this method monthly for cleaning can use the awning for a long time. Moreover, you can get rid of the dirt and debris that accumulates at the top. By squirting water on the awning, you don’t have to deep clean it often. Deep cleaning depends on how many times you clean your awning in a year. To avoid mold and mildew, make sure you dry it completely before rolling it up for storage.

Can I Repair My Old RV Awning Fabric?

There are tools on the market to repair it temporarily; you will see an abundance of tools like tapes, adhesives, and much more. However, there are some situations where you can’t fix it. For example, if it is damaged by the growth of mold or mildew on it or is tearing off dramatically, it is better to replace it with the best RV awning in the industry.


The reviews that are mentioned above contain a fabric that is weather-resistant. Hence, they are long-lasting and worth every penny. Also, customers who have used these awnings vouch for them, as they are made of top-quality material.

The best RV awning gives you cool shade to keep you comfortable in every weather. With this accessory, nothing will bother you while relaxing outside your RV. It increases your privacy as well. Three-sided or screen awnings are usually opaque, so you can freely eat, sleep, or chill inside the space without being watched by anyone.

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