Best RV Antifreeze
Best RV Antifreeze

5 Best RV Antifreeze

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Every fall, when the weather cools, we begin hearing RVers talk about antifreeze. An RV provides us the liberty to travel anyplace at any time. One of the foremost necessary steps to safeguard our vehicle is to induce the right antifreeze when winter comes. 

Antifreeze keeps our vehicle’s plumbing, guaranteeing our health, safety, and luxury. RV antifreeze is harmless and used to secure the plumbing systems in our RV from cooling. It inhibits expansion from occurring in sub-freezing temperatures by dropping the freezing point.

Some sorts of liquid act as a lubricating substance to shield seals within taps and toilets. We did our expert research to choose the best products in the category for you.

Most Features


Camco Mfg 30757 RV And Marine Antifreeze

  • Protection against algae growth
  • Protection from rust
  • Offers safety to cottages and pools
  • Keeps pipelines unfrozen

Premium Choice


Star Brite Non Toxic Antifreeze

  • Prepared with harmless material
  • Offers rust resistance for copper, Al, and brass
  • It is versatile and secure to use with RVs, pools, and boats.

Best in Budget


Champion Non-Toxic Swimming pool Antifreeze

  • Non-toxic
  • Can be employed in pools, RVs, and boats
  • Forestalls harm caused by state changes and burst pipes

5 Best RV Antifreezes

There are many beneficial and necessary products out there to help our recreational vehicle living and RV antifreeze is one of them. Antifreeze in an automobile or an RV works an equivalent — they keep water within the engine from freezing or getting hot to the boiling point that can cause forestall damage. 

RV antifreeze contains propylene glycol that acts as a lubricating substance and extends the lifetime of seals in bogs. The secondary use of RV antifreeze is for winterizing our recreational vehicle. RV antifreeze is non-toxic; thus, if it accidentally spills or we’ve got a leak, it won’t upset the atmosphere. 

The main uses of it include winterizing RV plumbing lines before storage or throughout extreme cold-snaps, so pipes do not burst on a habitation trip. It also keeps water in our holding tank from physical change during habitation in cold regions, we can flush the toilet.

Here are the few picks for the best RV antifreeze in the US:

1. Camco Mfg. 30757 RV And Marine Antifreeze


  • Protection against algae growth
  • Protection in contrast to the rust
  • Provides safety 
  • Offers safety to cottages and pools
  • Keeps pipelines unfrozen


  • There can be some packing issues with the Camco antifreeze as it comes with some broken gallons or leaking.

This marine RV antifreeze vehicle liquid is budget considering for anyone trying to shop this in bulk. We see this product comes with six gallons of liquid prepared to protect our RV’s plumbing from the instant it’s bought.

This liquid doesn’t even need any addition of water. This product is mostly based on an ethylene glycol formula that guarantees that it is non-toxic. The formula is without any taste, which implies it won’t interest our pets or wildlife.

Antifreeze based on ethylene glycol liquid is not hazardous as compared to a resolution that is based on ethanol. As a consequence, this product is safer than different types of products 

This antifreeze also safeguards pools, RVs, and a cottage from water system restriction. This is also verified to be helpful is in marine settings like boats. Camco antifreeze keeps pipelines unfrozen in cold weather.

Another feature of this product is it’s capability to detect cracks. Even in the harshest conditions of winter, this liquid antifreeze flows through pipes without any difficulty. This Cacmo antifreeze acts as a lubricating agent that helps in protecting our pumps and valves.


  • Protection: This antifreeze protects against rust and the growth of algae.
  • Lubricating agent: this Camco antifreeze helps in lubricating our pumps and valves
  • Protection against high temperature: It keeps the pipe from getting frozen until temperature drops under -50 degree Celsius
  • Safety: this antifreeze also provides the safety that others can’t offer
  • Performance quality: it also offers protection to RVs, pools, and cottages
  • Tasteless formula: Camco antifreeze has a tasteless formula, which will not attract other animals and pets.


Overall, this Camco antifreeze shows that it’s one of the best brands in the market. Means, this liquid offers us with all that recreational vehicle owner might ask for in following products. There is nothing to complain about this nice RV antifreeze.

It also provides safety which means that it is not dangerous for other animals and pets. Offers long-term protection from rust and corrosion and also offers security to pools and cottages.

2. Star Brite Non Toxic Antifreeze, 50F 6 Gallons


  • Prepared with harmless material
  • Offers rust resistance for copper, Al, and brass
  • Will not damage pipes and seals
  • No need for dilution
  • It is versatile and secure to use with RVs, pools, and boats.


  • Some people may not like its strong smell.

This Non-toxic antifreeze offers outstanding weather and corrosion safety for water systems and all engines. Its quality packing inhibits Al, brass, copper, and solder; however, it will not damage rubber, lids, or pipe materials. The bright pink color offers glorious blow-through visibility.

Developed with virgin, USP-grade components and is non-toxic. It does not contain alcohol. The non-toxic liquid can offer burst security to -46°C, and freezing protection ranges from -11 degrees to -9 degrees Celsius. Its different features safeguard water systems and engines from freezing. Use in pools, boats, and RVs.

This product is propene glycol-based with no ethanediol. It’s a trustworthy choice for keeping our recreational vehicle secure during the winter months. There is no need for its dilution. Finally, the brilliant pink color can make any of the leaks quickly visible.


  • Based on propylene Glycol: This antifreeze is based on propylene glycol and contains no ethylene glycol.
  • Safety: it is the best choice for keeping our recreational vehicles secure during the months of winter.
  • Protection: offers burst protection for low temperatures as -50F
  • Formulation: This antifreeze is formulated with the ingredients of pure USP grade.
  • Prevention: this prevents brass, Al, and copper and will not damage pipes and seals.
  • Compatible: It also has versatility and is compatible with boats, RVs, and pools.


This Non-toxic liquid wins points for skillfulness, being well-suited with everything from ships to pools. It does not require any dilution with water. The intense pink color can build any leaks quickly visible. It is also prepared from harmless material, which means that it won’t harm kids or pets.

Also offers safety to brass, Al, and copper and do not damage pipelines. These antifreeze are formulated with ingredients of USP grade.

3. Champion Nontoxic swimming pool Antifreeze


  • Secure for swimmers
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be discharged into the pool
  • Can be employed in pools, RVs, and boats
  • Forestalls harm caused by state changes and burst pipes
  • Can be employed underground and above ground


  • We cannot mix this antifreeze with water, which means we can’t dilute it.

Champion non-toxic antifreeze is formed from propylene glycol which is secured for swimmers, not like ethylene glycol, which might be dangerous once mixed with even a tiny low quantity of chlorine. Non-toxic antifreeze is often employed in RVs, boats, outside bathrooms, and bathtub homes, and in-ground pools.

One gallon of Champion non-toxic antifreeze treats at least ten feet 1-1/2 inch pool plumbing. Champion antifreeze prevents harm that is caused by state change channels and burst tubes. Non-toxic for swimmers and could be discharged into the pool within the spring.

This is based on propylene glycol and doesn’t contain ethanediol. In distinction to boats, pools, and RVs, these liquids can be employed outside bathrooms in baths and upper ground and underground swimming pools.


  • Safety: These antifreeze are secure for swimmers
  • Based on propylene glycol: these Champion antifreeze are based on propylene glycol and are secure for swimmers.
  • Non-toxic: This antifreeze is not toxic and can be employed in boats, RVs, and pools, and it is not like ethylene glycol, which is dangerous.
  • Prevention from harm: This antifreeze forestalls harm that is caused by state changes and burst tubes.
  • Employment: these antifreeze can be employed in outside bathrooms and underground and above-ground pools.


Champion non-toxic antifreeze is most secure for people who like swimming as it can be discharged into a pool because it is non-toxic and will not harm us. This Champion antifreeze is based on propylene glycol and does not contain ethanediol, making it suitable for swimming pools.

Moreover, this antifreeze can be employed in Boats and RVs and outside bathrooms, and underground pools.

4. Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate


  • Non-toxic
  • Secure for pets and kids
  • Offers protection up to -50 degree Fahrenheit
  • Less weight so easily portable
  • Delivers safety as it comes in measurable bottles
  • Nice for winterizing pools and boats
  • Secure for the freshwater system
  • Secure plumbing system from freezing
  • It is completely biodegradable


  • It can be slushy during the winter.
  • Has unfriendly odor

Camco RV antifreeze Concentrate is wholesaled in a suitable 2-pack. It delivers all the power and safety of Camco regular liquid in a simple measure bottle. Merely dilute this concentrate with water and use it in the manner we do with the other liquid.

It’s a harmless, safe formula for pets and children, and it’s even 100 percent perishable. Its burst safety is up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter season. Camco antifreeze concentrate is nice for winterizing our boat, RV, pool, or home and is secure with fresh systems.

In the winter season, temperatures decrease and place our pipes in danger. Subsequently, water expands because it freezes, pipes burst, and will cause in-depth harm to our home, RV, or pool. This antifreeze functions by dropping the chilling temperature of water to 32 degrees Fahrenheit so that the water will not freeze and wouldn’t expand and keep our plumbing safe from the freeze.


  • Measurable bottle: delivers power and safety in the simple, measurable bottle.
  • Safety: This antifreeze is nice for winterizing our boat, RV, and pool and is secure with a freshwater system.
  • Protection from burst: Camco antifreeze offers protection from burst up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Non-toxic: this antifreeze is not toxic and is secure for pets and kids
  • Portable: it has less weight which means we can carry it to any place without high shipping cost.


Camco antifreeze is suitable for homes, RVs and boats. They offer protection up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. These antifreeze are harmless and are secure for kids and other pets. They are also secure for the freshwater system. This antifreeze decreases the temperature in chilling conditions.

They help in winterizing boats and pools in the winter season and deliver safety as they come in measurable bottles and easily portable. These Camco antifreeze are biodegradable, and they also secure plumbing and draining system from freezing.

5. RecPro RV Antifreeze


  • -50 degree Fahrenheit protection from burst
  • Lubricate cracks and seals
  • Secures for marine engines
  • Secure for aquatic animals
  • Biodegradable
  • Secure for drinking water
  • It is alcohol-free
  • Harmless to plastic and rubber
  • Used in swimming bath filtration system
  • Used in a drainage system


  • It is not available in the large amount

This RecPro RV antifreeze provides RVs and boats up to -50 degrees protection from bursts. It’s a harmless formulation. It is based on ethylene glycol, which is created with FDA permitted elements; thus, it is harmless for a beverage. It does not leave any unfriendly flavor or smell behind within the water.

The formula is additionally secure for brass, steel, copper, and elastic plumbing outlines. In addition to this, it greases lids and linings, so they don’t freeze and crash. Besides Recreational vehicle use, we can use it in swimming bath filtration systems or our home’s drainage system.

This purple liquid is prepacked within a 1-gallon bottle. However, it is only accessible within a bulk quantity either as a two packet or in four packets that could be a bit a lot for small recreational vehicle owners. Also, the larger package may ship with some leaky bottles.


  • Protection from burst: This RecPro antifreeze offers safety from burst up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 1-gallon bottle: This antifreeze comes in a one-gallon bottle
  • Lubricating agents: It provides lubrication for seals and cracks
  • Safety: This antifreeze is safe for marine engines
  • Non-toxic: RecPro antifreeze is harmless to the aquatic animals
  • Alcohol-free: this antifreeze does not contain alcohol and will not affect rubber parts.


This RecPro antifreeze is prepared from that material which FDA verifies as non-toxic. This antifreeze provides up to -50 degrees protection from the burst. It also acts as a lubricating agent for cracks and seals; it is secure for marine engines and secure for aquatic animals.

These antifreeze are harmless for plastics and rubbers and are secure for drinking water. It is also alcohol-free and is biodegradable. These antifreeze are additionally used in swimming bath filtrations and drainage systems.

Buying Guide

There are certain things to look into before investing your money on balance boards.

Compatibility with Your Motorhome

When choosing RV antifreeze, the priority is compatibility. If you have got a solar-powered system, for example, you wish to make assured that no matter your purchase can work. Invariably do your analysis and read the label before getting it.

Temperature Rating

Beyond this, you would like to visualize the product’s temperature rating. In most locations, the standard -50° Fahrenheit rating is adequate. If you reside in additional cold climates, however, you will do something further substantial. There is -100° Fahrenheit antifreeze for those that decide places like Alaska or the Canadian territories home.

Chemical Composition

You also wish to contemplate recreational vehicle antifreeze’s chemical composition. Recreational vehicle antifreeze is sometimes either ethanol or propene glycol-based. The tip result is that the same. The main modification between ethanol versus propylene glycol products is their value, with ethanol being cheaper on average.

Safety and Environmental Friendliness

There are protection and environmental factors to consider. If you have got children or pets, for instance, you will grade a non-toxic resolution. For instance, alcohol is extremely combustible and usually a lot more dangerous to handle.

Dilution and Concentration

One of the primary choices you are progressing to make is regarding the antifreeze’s packaging. You will either perish already prepared or in a very half-empty jug that will need adding in some water before using it.

The second choice will give some advantages as it’ll doubtless be cheaper and keeps the antifreeze’s store for future use. On the opposite hand, the primary choice could be an additional heap convenience as it’s able to work from the instant you get it.


The antifreeze’s formula is another issue that wants your full attention. Any recreational vehicle antifreeze worth considering won’t have any phosphates existing in their makeup. These substances are renowned for causing damage to the engine’s bimetal components, which can grow later to be rust. 

You should understand that these products tend to be compatible with many vehicles furthermore. If you intend on using the antifreeze further on your recreational vehicle, please make sure the formula will not reason any damage.


The worth of antifreeze can vary from product to product. This aspect means that putting in a budget ought to be high on your priority list. It must account for what type of antifreeze, how much, and strength in its monetary fund ranges.

For instance, if you would like to shop for a propylene glycol-based, mostly antifreeze, the budget should alter based on it costing more than the other kinds. 


RV antifreeze does not have to assist just one purpose in your life. Most of those products also help different capacities like boats, pools, homes, etc., if this side is some things that interest you and make certain to do your best then acquire a liquid with several uses.

Spurt Protection

Select a product that is previously verified effective against very low temperatures. Pick an antifreeze that provides -50F eruption security. You can similarly check for some other under that mark.


  • Which is the finest RV antifreeze?

RV antifreeze remains a necessary product for any of the rig holders to possess for an easy reason. This product is important in ensuring your RV’s utility does not freeze once it meets the atmospheric condition.

In different verses, this liquefied resolution can make sure you do not ever have to pact with your tubes chilling once it is in wintertime storing that may be nightmarish. You can see, self-recreational vehicle water pipelines tend to be somewhat skinny and thin. These features build them delicate to chilling in cooler weather.

  • How it operates?

You might accept that operating method of this RV antifreeze mechanisms, maybe a fancy one. However, it’s quite straightforward. This liquid resolution is pumped-up into RV or plumbing method to confirm that freezing weather does not disturb your pipes.

This can give this profit through its capability to extend the water’s chilling point. These RV types of antifreeze can raise the temperature due to their formulations. You can see, these liquefied resolutions are primarily alcohol-based mostly, which helps tons with this whole method.

For case, these resolutions can raise the temperature to spot that surface weather cannot ever hit except you are within the Northern Pole of the World. This method believes that the tubes are sheltered in contrast to any decrease in the temperature.

  • How RV antifreeze is produced?

 Antifreeze resolution is prepared from dipotassium phosphate, H2O, propylene glycol, and glycerol. It is also called propylene glycerol coolant antifreeze that is non-hazardous and harmless. 

There are basically three types of RV antifreeze:

1) RV Antifreeze based on Ethanol          2) RV Antifreeze based on Ethanol and Propylene 

3) RV Antifreeze based on Propylene Glycol

  • Is RV antifreeze poisonous for animals?

This may be slightly surprising; However, RV antifreeze is not believed to be hepatotoxic for the animals. The facet marks it slightly dissimilar from the standard vehicle liquid. The distinction comes from this product typically being created from biodegradable ingredients.

Because of this, you will safely use this product around kids and animals without fear regarding something tragic can occur. Additionally, RV antifreeze does not have flavor. This facet suggests that it does not appeal to animals like alternative varieties.

But you need to stay still cautious with this product. Few ways can reason some serious problems once they are in false hands.

  • What is the dissimilarity between regular and RV antifreeze?

Regular antifreeze may be poisonous to people, animals, and also the surroundings. It is generally used in sealed engines, so it doesn’t need to be harmless. At the same time, RV antifreeze can be harmless to safeguard our water system.

  • Can I practice RV antifreezes in the cars?

Consuming antifreeze (RV) in an automobile may be an instruction for calamity. You realize these are the products created for pipes in your vacationers, houseboats, or recreational vehicles. Their main objective is to ensure these pipes do not freeze throughout winter.

As an outcome, these are the products that don’t feature some anti-cheating agents’ sort of ancient automobile antifreeze. The shortage of those agents suggests that mistreatment of RV coolant and antifreeze in the automobile will cause the engine to expire.

If you are searching for a lot of technical terms, the engine can burn and bend. Its value is that combining RV liquid with consistent stuff will cause problems like more hot spots and possibly block your boiler core.

  • Are RV antifreezes harmless for a putrefying tank?

This query is one gear holders tend to raise themselves so much once checking out the right recreational vehicle antifreeze. However, there’s nothing to fret concerning as these solutions are prepared of perishable materials.

Assumed this fact, this product will be safely utilized in any poisoned system while not inflicting problems. Verily, you will be able to flush recreational vehicle liquid into a town trench, and it will not do any damage.

Please do not flush this product into a town trench while not trying up the region and national decrees. We don’t want you to be penalized for one thing as easy as wrongful recreational vehicle liquid disposal.

  • Where should we buy RV antifreeze?

The finest place from where you can shop RV antifreeze is Amazon. It’s virtually biased how well-appointed Amazon is once you linked them to competitors. This means they have the biggest choice and lowest costs once it involves the commercialism of this product.

In addition, Amazon provides luxurious in-depth client review information. As you recognize, these resources can become an important share of this whole method. The mixture of those three features makes it terribly laborious for alternative places. 

But this truth does not mean you should not verify alternative sellers throughout the exploration. In point, it might be sensible to take a glance at other sellers as it is somewhat decent and on the market at cheap costs.


RV solution keeps your plumbing system from freezing and other effects that could be caused by low temperatures. The RV water pipes are very narrow and thin. With a decrease in temperature, the pipes start to freeze. Later, they start to expand and which results in breaking and splashing. An RV pipeline is a low cost but changing them could cost a lot. 

For this, you need to winterize your RV pipes before any of it happens. A pink solution called as RV antifreeze can be used to save RV pipelines by pumping this liquid into the pipes and to prevent RV to freeze. 

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